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How to Make a Spare Reception Room into a Functional Part-time Bedroom

How to Make a Spare Reception Room into a Functional Part-time Bedroom

You may find from time to time that you require an extra bedroom. Having a room made up permanently into this bedroom may not be practical, so it will have to be set up and furnished as both rooms at the same time. 

Not many people are comfortable with having a bed, large or small, within their living area – unless, of course, they reside in a bedsit or are still living with their parents. Finding the correct balance between functionality, practicality, and comfort can be difficult to achieve.

#1 Have the Right Furniture 

The first step is to have the right furniture. Investing in a quality sofa bed will certainly tick the box for both functions of the room in question. However, you will want your guest to have a good night’s rest, and sofa beds of the past have been less than comfortable for a whole night’s sleep. So, you will need to know how to make your sofa bed more comfortable for your guest. In addition to this, most people like having a nightstand next to their bed with a lamp. 

#2 Why You Should Incorporate a Nightstand and Lamp

This is particularly important when sleeping in strange surroundings. Apart from the unfamiliar feeling of sleeping somewhere different, you do not want your guest to trip, fall, or hurt themselves should they need to get up in the middle of the night. A well-positioned occasion table can most certainly take the place of a nightstand, and a lamp that matches your room’s décor, will not look out of place gracing it. If you feel there needs to be one on the other side of your sofa bed, then this will just bring a balance, rather than making the room look like a bedroom when the bed is folded away.

#3 Decorate in Relaxing Colors

When it comes to colors, you should stick to relaxing shades and leave the bolder colors in dining rooms or kitchens. Calm, relaxing colors will not only help your guest sleep easily on the sofa bed but will also provide you with the rest that you will need when using the room as a sitting room. Generally, sitting rooms are used for either socializing or winding down at the end of the day. Choosing the right colors for your walls, furniture, and soft furnishings will mean that this room provides an excellent atmosphere whenever or for whatever you need it for.

#4 Provide Privacy and Luxury in Drapes

Undoubtedly, your guests are going to want to have a level of privacy when they come and stay. Closing doors and shutting binds will most certainly provide this. However, to provide a more luxurious feel, adding some thick, lined, floor-to-ceiling drapes around your windows will certainly do the trick, even more so if they are made from good quality rich fabrics. 

Although you may feel that this could have your room looking more like a bedroom than a sitting room, you could use some scatter cushions of the same fabric to decorate your sofa to tie the look together regardless of how your room is set up.