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Iconic Bowie Knives and their Versatile Functionality Outdoors


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From tactical to hunting to adventure escapades, a knife is one utility essential that makes the outdoors convenient, easy, and safe. The hand-on combat knives from the 19th century continue to remain iconic and multi-purpose for a range of tasks. 

Often the question of how handy a bowie knife is comes into the mind of people before purchasing the knife. With its versatile range from full-tang fixed-blade knives to compact ones, it is highly functional. Its utility is diverse and plays an integral role in a range of activities like hunting, fishing, self-defense as well as survival. 

Role of the iconic knife in pursuing multiple activities

The knives are durable, handy, and popular for all the right reasons. Let’s check out some of the benefits bowie knives contributes to a range of activities: 

Great survival tool 

If you are planning to go out on an adventure activity or trail to the jungles or climb mountains, do not forget to get hold of and purchase the best fixed blade bowie knives in the UK. The knife is a perfect buy for everyday use. From smooth cutting experience, hunting, skinning, and clearing the bushes to chop meat, it’s a perfect companion for the outdoors and day-to-day life. 

Supports hunting activities

Fixed blade knives of 8 to 11 inches are best for hunting activities. Hunters have been using the knife for a long time for purposes like butchering, skinning, and cutting animal carcasses after hunting. With its curved edge towards the top and sharp edges, it is easy to remove the skin of the animal carcass and make it meat ready. With its strong-built and durability, it’s one of the best knives used for hunting. 

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Tool for self-defense

Imagine facing an animal attack in the woods or a threat lurking around, these knives do their job perfectly by acting as a self-defense tool. However, be careful not to carry the knife in a public place or even brandish it to someone. When outdoors, carry it just for self-defense and protect yourself from anything that threatens your safety or life. 

Great for bushcraft 

 Bushcraft is all about survival skills in natural settings, woods or outdoor adventure. While trekking through a dense jungle or up on a high-altitude mountain, it is important to use bushcraft skills for survival. The bowie knives help with a range of activities like cutting wood, building a temporary shelter, cutting ropes for technical climbs, clearing bushes etc. These reasons make the iconic knife perfect as a bushcraft knife:

  • The length and blade of the knife design make a huge difference. The sharp edge with a curved tip is a great feature for cutting firewood to sticks. The tip pierces through things easier to make the cut easy.
  • The ergonomically designed knife handles make holding the knife easy, convenient, and comfortable for the user. 
  • The durability of the knife is another factor that makes it perfect for bushcraft. Carbon steel or stainless steel are common materials used for making knife blades.  

Woodcraft and splitting 

The tip of the bowie knife is what makes it a great one for wood carving and creating elaborate designs. It gives amazing results for light carving and performs better than many other carving tools. Not only does it help in chopping trees or wood carving but can be used for even wood batoning. Wood batoning helps with chopping firewood with the lodging of the knife followed by striking with a baton resulting in the splitting of the wood. 

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Summing up

People from across the world use iconic knives for their highly functional and tactical value. With its strong grip and sturdy construction, it gives a stable grip and comprehensive handling of a range of tasks. It’s a companion you do not want to miss while outdoors. 


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