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How to Play the Aviator Casino Mini-Game: Your Best 2-Minute Guide


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Aviator is a 10/10 casino game that has conquered the gambling world with simplicity and REWARDINGNESS. I love this game’s fast-paced nature, 100% mobile-friendly interface, and socialization. 

Verbal overdoses aside, here is what you MUST know about playing this online slot! But first…

What Is Aviator Even? 

This slot machine is a simple game where players bet on how long a jet will be visible on the screen. Regarding the plot (if you can even call it that), the game is about a plane that takes off and ascends. With every inch of its movement, all players get a win multiplier and their potential reward grows (depending on how much they stake).

The jet eventually gets so high that you can’t see it anymore. You should cash out BEFORE the plane flies away. 

Regarding its hardcoded functions…

  • RNG-powered 
  • RTP — 97% 
  • Volatility — low 
  • Max win — unknown (the game was meant to have an X100 max win, but the RNG sometimes makes the jet fly to X160 and even higher). 

Note! Play the legitimate Aviator ONLY 

Many other providers started mimicking it after Spribe shook the whole gambling community with its new game. And I’m not talking about similar games from the top casino game creators like BGaming; no, I mean that a legion of uncertified iGaming companies started offering rigged and unfair software. 

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Here is the legitimate, RNG-certified, original Aviator online game

Plus, mind the casino! For a 100% fair experience, you must choose online gambling websites with licenses and systematically conduct service audits. Since the best online casinos are always supervised by the licensing authorities, commissions, and communities, they are the unlikeliest ones to rig a game. 

I usually play Aviator at 7Bit Casino NZ. This site has been my favorite choice for free and real-money online games. Plus, it only offers games from the best creators and has good bonuses. 

Playing Aviator: The Guide 

I’ll walk you through the whole process, starting with preparation and finishing with cashing out! 

1 — Prepare for the flight! 

Determine your bankroll for the session and set your limits for losses and WINNINGS, TOO! Since I’ve played casino games for years, my bankroll sometimes looks like a phone number. Yet, for novices, I recommend going with something much smaller. $100 for your first-ever session is enough! 

Set goals like this: 

  • What I can lose — $100 
  • My win cap is when my whole bankroll is $160. 

Plus or minus, you get the idea. Then prepare yourself mentally to be chill if you lose those $100 or still leave the game, even if luck is on your side today and your profit is bigger. I also advise you to set time limits! For the first “flight,” 1 hour is more than enough. 

In the longer run, lacking skills and self-control, you might lose what you’ve won and even more! 

2 — Enter the game and observe for some time 

Join the flight and look at the round results at the top. Find a pattern in which the game gives you bigger multipliers. It’s okay to just watch for 10 minutes and more! Plus, it can serve as a break when you get overwhelmed. 

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3 — Bet

In Aviator, you can place 2 bets. Here is what I usually do… 

  • Bet 1 — A bigger sum I cash out almost immediately. If I stake 50-100 and get it back with the multiplied winnings, I almost always have a plus to my bankroll (unless RNG decides to send the plane away 1 second after the start, but that happens rarely) 
  • Bet 2 — A smaller bet I hold for longer. If I’m lucky enough, It can become a $400-500 win in one round. Plus, I’ve already recovered it with the first bet, and losing it is not a tragedy. 

4 — Socialize!!! (Optional) 

Aviator is a social game. There’s a chat you can use to find like-minded casino players. It’s not the most effective source of friendship, but it can be fun. 

5 — Withdraw your winnings 

After the session, request a withdrawal as soon as possible. As a novice, getting your winnings ASAP is better because you might still be unfamiliar with all the security principles and T&Cs. A-a-and you don’t want to see your account deactivated and wins confiscated. 

Final Words 

Enjoy your flights! May the jet reach record heights when you make the biggest bet, and may Aviator reward you well. Also, please remember the responsible gambling principles and stay safe. Best of luck!

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