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Level Up Your Gambling Skills: Top 5 Games That Can Help Novices Advance


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Welcome-welcome! Open the gate to the epic and thrilling online gambling world, which brings adrenaline and riches to the most venturous players. Even novices can find games that reward them well, and sometimes, you don’t even need to be rich or lucky to maximize your winnings. 

I’ve been enjoying casino games for over 3 years now. At first, it was somewhat scary and unrewarding. I hope that your journey is much more rewarding and fun, and that is why I’m here to help you pick the best game for your next session. Let’s start immediately! 

#1 WowPot Jackpot

Weird start of the list, you think? Your thought makes sense 100%. Jackpot games are generally considered too challenging for novices. They are “greedy” and never reward you until you are luckily perfect with timing and place the trigger bet, making the machine explode with money. 


This particular game — WowPot Jackpot by Microgaming — is a 10/10 experience with 4 prizes DAILY. Moreover, its creator, whom I’ve mentioned, is a legitimate company that has brought us Mega Moolah. Since 2006, Mega Moolah has been the hottest slot and the machine that sets new records in online casino win history. Its biggest jackpot recorded so far is €19.4 million!

WowPot Jackpot has even better parameters than its legendary predecessor. So, with a good bankroll management strategy and some diligence, you might be the new star of the gambling world, with a jackpot even bigger than Mega Moolah’s. 

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Note! Only an audited and licensed online casino will pay you a jackpot that big. I can only recommend platforms like Betcity if you want to guarantee withdrawal success. 

#2 Low-Volatility Slot Machines 

Slots, slots, slots… These one-armed bandits are usually easy to play and RNG-powered. Skills for them are not obligatory. Moreover, the only strategy you can have with slot machines is a bankroll management plan. 

Yet, slot machines always have different risks. Most are highly volatile, aka greedy, but rewarding. Aggressively volatile slots usually pay you only sometimes, but those wins are massive. 

In parallel, low-volatility slot machines exist. These are designed in a way that makes them pay you often. Their hit frequency is never lower than 20%, meaning that you usually get a reward once in 3-5 spins. Some extremely low-volatile slots might even pay you on every second spin! 

The rewards will be super small, though. So, do not expect to become rich with low-variance slots. Yet, the fact remains: they are great for practice! 

#3 Single-Deck Blackjack 

Blackjack is an easy game overall. Its simple rules and fast-paced nature make it extremely rewarding and enjoyable. Still, single-deck Blackjack tables become super repetitive too fast. 

I recommend such 21-game variations for practice, yet again. Plus, it’s your chance to get better at card counting! Moreover, easy live experiences can prepare a novice gambler for more challenging encounters in live dealer rooms later. 

#4 Monopoly Live 

Everyone has at least HEARD about Monopoly. And yes, this classic board game can be played for real money in some casinos! As a rule, it’s in the game show categories. 

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Since Monopoly is a familiar entertainment, it can become your best choice to get used to real-money betting. 

#5 Crazy Coin Flip 

Crazy Coin Flip is another super easy live show game that can help you learn to control your bankroll and emotions. Fast-paced like Blackjack and epic like Monopoly, it is usually streamed in 4K and can even be rewarding in the long run. Plus, you merely bet on which side the coin lands — what can be easier? 

Final Words 

There you go! The listed 5 games are the top choices for gamblers with limited bankrolls. Moreover, these games are real serotonin machines since they reward you often. Now, best of luck, and may your next session make you richer!

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