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How to prepare mathematics for the REET 2021 exam?


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How to prepare mathematics for the REET 2021 exam?

REET is the Rajasthan eligibility examination for teachers is conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan. Govind Singh Dostara, Rajasthan’s education minister, announced the date for the REET 2021 exam. It is going to be held on 26th September 2021.

This exam has two papers that are paper 1 and paper 2. Aspirants who clear both the papers will teach classes 6th to 8th that are secondary classes and those who will pass only paper 1 will teach 1-5 classes that are primary classes. There is a choice whether you want to appear in one paper or both papers. 

REET Exam Pattern for Paper 1

s.no.Subject No. of questionMarks 
1Language I (compulsory)3030
2Child Development and Pedagogy3030
3Language II (compulsory)3030
4Environmental Studies3030
Total 150150

REET Exam Pattern for Paper 2

s.no.Subject No. of questionMarks 
1Language I (compulsory)3030
2Child Development and Pedagogy3030
3Language II (compulsory)3030
4Mathematics & Science

Or Social Studies/Social Science

Or Any Other Subject

Total 150150


REET Exam Syllabus for Mathematics

  • Language of mathematics
  • Data Management
  • Diagnostic and Remedial Teaching
  • Evaluation through informal and formal methods
  • Error analysis
  • Community Mathematics
  • Nature of mathematics
  • Logical reasoning
  • Problems of teaching
  • Mensuration 
  • Average
  • Profit and loss
  • Fractions, mixed fractions, proper fractions, addition and subtraction of factors, HCF and LCM, and prime and composite numbers.
  • Whole numbers: subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication
  • Geometry
  • Factors
  • Equations
  • Indices 
  • Algebra
  • Percentage 
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Interest
  • Plain figures
  • Square and square root
  • Surface area and volume
  • Cube and cube roots
  • Area and perimeters
  • Graphs
  • Statistics
  • Lines and angles
  • Problems of teaching
  • Language of mathematics
  • Logical thinking
  • Probability 
  • Community thinking
  • Evaluation
  • Remedial teaching


REET 2021 Exam Preparation Tips to be Followed:

  • First of all, know your syllabus and the pattern of the exam. So the students who are preparing for the REET exam must be aware of the latest REET syllabus and must have the complete study material.
  • Then, you should know the pattern of the exam. And select some important topics and start making notes on them.
  • Make time-table for daily. You have to give proper time to each of the subjects. It is recommended that you will spend time on a subject for at least 5-10 days, but it depends on your ability and interest. Also, before starting the program, you should read the syllabus thoroughly.
  • Start doing the question papers. The previous year’s question paper has some questions that are similar to the current year’s question paper. This is because the previous year’s question paper is prepared by the same people who are preparing the current year’s question paper. However, some questions are different.
  • Start making notes of important topics. Start by drawing a simple sketch of the different topics you have to cover in your exam. Write the name of the topic and the topics you have to cover on the top of the sketch. Now, get a new notebook for each topic, and write the name of the topic on the top of the notebook.
  • At last, see where you are standing. It is also important to see how your skills are getting developed. Check your mistakes that you are doing in the mock tests and then revise those topics again.

Some important tricks

  1. Practice your weaker area so that you can solve it easily. You have to first solve the weaker area before you solve the stronger ones. It is easier to solve the one you like the most. Each time you solve a weaker area, you are one step closer to solving the stronger areas.
  2. To get the best marks that you can get, you need to practice and practice and practice. As much as you practice questions of mathematics, you will get expertise.
  3. Try to solve papers and tests by setting a timer. So that you can finish your paper on time.
  4. Analyze your performance of each paper and then revise all the topics that you are lacking behind.
  5. You can study from different books. Some of the books are by Shiva’s store REET Mathematics LEVEL-2, by Dheer Singh Level 1st & 2nd Shiksha Manovigyan, Mathematics by R S Agarwal, etc.
  6. You can go for REET online preparation. It provides you flexible hours to study and as you don’t have to go anywhere, therefore, it saves your time. You can attend classes anytime at your home only. It allows you to take doubts anytime you want. You can give online mock tests and can compare your marks with other students. Online classes provide you with video lectures, live classes, mock tests, interactive sessions, doubt sessions, and everything you want. 
  7. And here’s a time-table for all the aspirants:
Description Time to invest in learning The time needed to revise
Comprehension and English/Hindi Grammar2-3 hours every day15 minutes after a break
Mathematics, Science, or Social Science4.5-5.5 hours a day20 minutes after a break
Children Development and Pedagogy3-4 hours a day15 minutes after a break

REET preparation tips:

  1. Analyze your syllabus
  2. Read through the questions and answers for every topic
  3. Create a schedule for revising and studying
  4. Revise all the questions you have prepared
  5. Attend all the mock test sessions
  6. Have a good sleep before the exam and make sure you get a good night sleep
  7. Keep a track of all your revision notes and revise them daily
  8. Do not panic if you feel you are not prepared enough
  9. Do not overthink and just keep doing your revision.
  10. Keep a track of your performance
  11. Have a good break after the exam

All the Best!


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