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Which Board is Better for IIT Entrance Exams?


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It could be that you have plans for your child to grow up and join IIT to become an engineer and have a flying career. Almost every student vies to become an engineer. But not every student gets to realise his/her dream. It is important to join a reputed college like the IITs to pursue your dream career. But then, preparation for this tough competitive exam should start much earlier. With so many boards present across the country including ICSE and CBSE, it is quite natural for you as a parent to be confused. Which board to choose for your child is something that will help him/her to move ahead in his chosen field like engineering? Which school board will be more suitable to enroll your child so that he/she can crack the tough IIT entrance exam without much pressure? Education experts recommend joining the CBSE board. They also strongly recommend practicing class 11 maths ncert solutions.

Preparing for JEE Mains

The truth is over a lakh or more students tend to clear the JEE first level exam. It is also referred to as JEE Main. Qualifying in this exam only will allow you to move on to JEE Advanced. You need to sit for the entrance exam that is held once a year. Clearing the exam provides you the opportunity to join a college. But to get a seat at any prestigious architecture or engineering college, you need to score high numbers in the exams. If properly noticed, among the successful students who have given the entrance exam, you will find that most of them have a CBSE background. This is because CBSE curriculum is designed specifically to help students to prepare for different types of competitive exams at much lower classes. They follow the NCERT pattern that is used to provide questions in competitive exams. 

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Reasons for more number of CBSE students to crack IIT JEE Exams 

  • CBSE students do enjoy a greater geographical advantage: Most schools present in the metropolitan cities of the country are affiliated with the CBSE board. Moreover, JEE exams are held in second-tier and metro cities. It is one of the major reasons for CBSE students to have an edge over others coming from other boards and towns. Students of other boards are required to travel to the assigned centers that could be located at the nearest city, thus being a disadvantage. 
  • The fact is the number of CBSE class 12 students of Science stream are huge when giving IIT JEE exams. Usually, students are eligible to sit for the exam on completion of class 12. When compared to other science exam boards’, CBSE board students stand better chances to qualify and get higher scores. 
  • The other aspect to consider is that the CBSE course syllabus offers students a better foundation. IIT JEE syllabus is quite similar to that of what is present in the CBSE syllabus. Since students get to study the same subject content in their schools, they can easily overcome competition and stay confident while appearing on the tough competitive exam. 
  • Coaching facilities present in metropolitan cities do play an important role in promoting students based in the city. However, these days, the advent of technology and reputed educational portals like Cuemath has completely changed how teaching is imparted. Now, students even from remote corners of the country can avail online coaching classes and go through NCERT solutions. 
  • CBSE Course curriculum structure does offer an additional advantage. The course curriculum does give special emphasis to the analysis and reasoning abilities of the students. Therefore, those enrolled with the CBSE board are used to the type of format or questions that are posed in the IIT JEE exam. They find the questions in their NCERT books that they have studied in Class 9, 10, 11 & 12. 
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Moreover, getting ncert solutions for class 12 maths from the industry experts boosts their confidence in the subject. Thus, they can score well in the boards as well as in the JEE exam.

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