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If you run a company, you know how important it is to build brand awareness. Steve Jobs was a mastermind in building brands. He single-handedly put Apple on the map, and now everyone knows and uses apple products. Building a brand takes time and a strategical approach. If you want to run a successful business, you must spend time advertising the same. But, a mere ad campaign does not help build a brand. One must be conscious of how the public receives the brand name. 

One of the ways companies get their names out there is by participating in local events and business fairs. These fairs are a great way to communicate with the consumers directly. You get an instant response to the new products you plan to launch. So, business fairs become a testing ground for the products of any new companies. Continue reading to learn valuable tips to help you leave a positive impression at such fairs. 

Stand Out In The Crowds: The first thing a participant must do is design an innovative booth that stands out. If your booth is not attractive, people will not visit the same because they have many more options. No one wants to visit a booth that is not well decorated. Therefore, use event signage such as banners, posters, vinyl graphics, and more to attract people’s attention. 

  • Use your brand logo in the banners to let people know about your firm. The common people should easily recognize your brand logo if you intend to raise brand awareness. Think of the brand names of Audi, Tesla, Bitcoin, and Facebook, and the logo pops into your mind. They have consciously made their logo imprinted in the minds of people. 
  • You may even hire a mascot to attract more eyeballs. When it comes to business, nothing is off-limits. Therefore, don’t be embarrassed to hire a mascot if it fits your business module. For example, if you sell homemade jams or anything related to children, such as toys, you can most definitely hire a mascot. 
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Have Seating Arrangements: Business fairs take place in large spaces and open areas. People are expected to walk quite a bit. They visit from one booth to another, checking out various products and items. People often get tired of walking for long. That is why one of the easiest ways to lure people to your booth is to provide them with a comfortable seating space. People might come to your booth to sit and relax, but that allows you to showcase your products to them. They will learn about your business by sitting in your booth comfortably and staring at the presentation on the large screen TV installed inside the booth. 

Distribute: Once you have people in your booth, it is time to tell them more about your institution. You may hand them leaflets and pamphlets that are informative and visually appealing. Be sure to prepare the employees well so that they can communicate your business model to the curious public. Businesses can generate many sales from these events. The people who visit their stalls become potential customers.


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