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How To Replace Damaged Slate Roof Tile?


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Slate is famous as one of the most attractive and long-lasting roofing materials. A slate roof can last up to 200 years. This makes it a preferred choice.

But slate roof tiles can wear out, break, or get ruined over time, so they may need replacement. Unfortunately, replacing them can be hard and take a long time. But you can do it perfectly with the right tools and information. 

And here, you will learn everything necessary to change your slate roof tiles by yourself!

Step 1: Put safety first

Safety is the no.1 priority when it comes to roofing. According to the CCRT, about 50 roofers die on the roofing job annually. And the majority of those happen because of falls. 

Further, information from government records shows that the most deadly falls are because they do not have enough fall safety. 

Ensure you have the right personal protective equipment (PPE), like gloves, safety glasses, and a hard hat. Moreover, ensure the roof is dry and free of dirt and that your ladder is safe and secure. 

If the weather is bad, you shouldn’t try to replace slate roof tiles. Push the chore to another day instead!

Step 2: Find the damaged slate roof tiles

First, you must figure out which slate roof tiles are broken and need to get changed. Check your roof carefully for broken or missing tiles, cracks, and chips. Once you’ve assessed the damage, consider reaching out to a professional for a roof repair free estimate to gauge the extent of the repairs needed. 

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Note the size and thickness of the broken tiles, as you will need to buy new ones of a similar shade of color, pattern, and texture.

After all, if you replace a broken tile or slate with one that doesn’t match the rest, it will look out of place.

Step 3: Remove the damaged/broken slate tile

Once you find the broken slate roof tiles, you can take them off. Start by removing the nails and keeping the tile in place with a slate ripper. 

Be careful while removing the tile so the other tiles or the roof isn’t damaged.

If the tile is broken, use a hammer and knife to slowly break it into smaller pieces that can be taken away.

Step 4: Check the size of the replacement slate tile

After removing the broken slate and nails from the area to get fixed, lay the slate over the area. Try to make sure the size of the new slate matches the size needed to finish the replacement. 

It might be necessary to cut the slate down to the right size. Again, you can use a slate tool to do this.

If the shape of your damaged tile is intact, you can use it as a pattern for the new one. Place the old tile on top of the new one to ensure the size is the same as the changed slate. As needed, trim the slate.

Step 5: Set the new slate roof tile

Remember that you shouldn’t nail it down too tightly when putting it in the slate. Instead, you need to hang them and align them with others. 

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To do this, you should use copper roofing nails. They should be in until they are flush with the surface of the slate, but they shouldn’t be driven in too far. If you push the nails too hard, the slate can break.

Step 6: Seal the new slate tile

You must seal the new slate roof tile so it doesn’t let water in. Put a good roofing sealant around the sides of the new tile, covering the nails and edges. Use a putty knife to smooth out the sealer and make sure it’s spread out evenly.

Step 7: Cross-check your work

Once you have put the new slate roof tile in place and fixed it, you should check your work with a professional slate roofing contractor. They can cross-check if the tile fits in with the other tiles and that the sealer was put on properly. 

Also, they can inspect for any other damage or wear on the tiles and structure of the roof. If they find any, you may also need to fix or replace them.

If you don’t know where to find one, you can seek the place you get your roof repairment necessities from. Since they have been in the industry long enough, they can connect you with the best ones.

Over to you

Replacing broken slate roof tiles is important if you want your roof to last and look good. So follow these steps to get the task done by yourself. But if you have trouble, don’t hesitate to contact a professional. 

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