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Important Kratom Intake Tips for Beginners


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Kratom is a tree native to Southeast Asian countries. The tree is rich in various alkaloids responsible for many of its health effects. As a result, natives have used it for various medicinal benefits over the ages. 

Due to its impressive effect on users, the popularity of kratom is growing. As a result, the plant has migrated to other continents, especially the West. It is not surprising that many people will want to try kratom to experience the supposed benefits. 

To get the best effect from kratom, you need to understand some tips, especially for beginners. It will guide you towards making the best use of the supplement to derive maximum benefits. 

For everyone looking to get the best effect from kratom intake, here are some tips that can help you get started:

Try to Balance Consumption 

The correct serving is another essential thing you need to get right when using kratom as a beginner. This can be confusing for many people as no one will tell you the perfect kratom size or dosage that will work for you. 

You are the one to determine what your ideal kratom serving will be. Besides, the only way to find out is to start with a minimal dose and graduate over time. For beginners on the kratom journey, here are some recommendations to get the ideal kratom dose:

  • The strain should have a recommended serving on the park.
  • Start with half the serving and try for a week
  • Watch for any positive effect
  • Gradually increase the dose by 25% of the recommended serving amount
  • Stop when you get the desired effect, or go back to the previous level if the side effect starts creeping up. 
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This might be the trickiest part of your kratom journey. However, it would be best to get the ideal dose to trigger the essential effect you want. You can read more on the white bali kratom here. 

Go After High-Quality Kratom

Your effort and experience with kratom are hinged on the quality. As a result, do all in your capacity to buy high-quality kratom. 

You will not be satisfied with weak kratom, leaving you with a bad experience. Besides, lousy quality kratom might be contaminated with impurities, further degrading your health. Again, you might be forced to consume higher doses. 

As a result, ensure you only patronize high-quality and reputable vendors before buying. Check customer reviews and provide the seller is certified. 

There are Strains

One of the highlights of kratom is the availability of various strains. With kratom, you get different strains based on color and origin. As a result, we have red, green, and white strains. In addition, we also have strains based on the origin like Thai, Vietnam, Borneo, etc. 

These strains all come with different properties and various levels of alkaloids. As a result, they have multiple effects on users. Some strains are ideal for pain relief; some help users’ improve concentration, some improve focus, and so on. 

This means you need to know the particular strain that makes sense for the specific effect you want. Optimum research will guide you towards the perfect stain to give the desired result. 

Take it Easy

It is possible not the get the desired effect immediately. New users might think the kratom is not working and increase their dose, hoping for some obvious health effect.

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However, this is never the way to go, and doing this will likely cause more harm than good, as there is a risk of overdose.

As a new user, bear in mind that your body will need time to adjust to kratom. Besides, getting the ideal strain or proper dosage is not always straightforward. Overdoing it will not get you any profound change, but side effects could mess up the entire experience.

Consuming an excess kratom will not necessarily get you any positive effect. Keep this in mind as you try to get the ideal dosage that will serve you. Besides, our body composition differs, making it essential to keep tabs on how your body reacts to various doses and strains. 

Kratom on a Full Stomach is a Bad Recipe

Beginners need to understand that kratom and a full stomach don’t mix. 

The more you are loaded with food, the more kratom dose you will need to feel any tangible effect. Many people advise taking kratom on an empty stomach first. It gives the advantage of having a reference point when you want to get the ideal dose. 

As you become pretty comfortable with kratom and deduce your dose, you can use it after food. 

Drink a Lot of Water

Kratom is a dehydrating agent, so you should have access to lots of water after taking it. 

Some supposed side effects of kratom, like feeling dizzy, are simply signs of dehydration. Such feelings could make you dread or think that kratom is not for you. 

However, you can override any dehydrating effect of kratom with a big glass of water. Ensure you drink water immediately and consume a lot. 

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Kratom is an excellent plant with many positive effects. However, many beginners who want to take kratom should observe some helpful tips to make the entire experience seamless.

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