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Insider Tips for Living in a Hostel in Hyderabad


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Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon and turning into a sight of transplendent beauty, you’re leaving the comfort of your parent’s home and heading to the city of Hyderabad. Thrilled and nervous at the prospect of starting this new phase in your life, you look for a hostel in Kukatpally that you can soon call home. But wait. You’ve never actually lived in a shared accommodation with strangers before. So, you have no idea what to expect. Well, there’s no need for you to try to reinvent the wheel while we’re around. Of course, experience is the best teacher, but the second best has got to be insider tips. Which is what we’re providing you with today – some of the best secrets for surviving hostel life from those who have done it before you. Keeping these in mind is sure to help you adjust and get comfortable in your hostel a whole lot quicker.

Learn how to make a small space seem big

It’s no surprise that you’re going to be facing some space constraints in your hostel, especially if you’re sharing a room. Which means that you have to learn to be creative when it comes to maximising the space that you’re working with. There are a bunch of ways you can do this – ranging from aesthetic to practical. We recommend starting off by pushing your furniture towards the edge of the room to create an open floor space. This is going to make your room look and feel bigger. Invest or repurpose some storage containers that you can place under the bed or on top of your cupboard without cluttering up your room. And don’t forget all that wall space! A few adhesive hooks and you’ll be able to conquer a whole new territory.

Keep things clean as much as possible

Hygiene can often be the first thing to go when it comes to living in shared accommodation. And that’s why it’s super important to ensure that you’re doing your part to keep things clean. This is especially true when we’re talking of communal areas like washrooms and dining halls. Try to ensure that you’re cleaning up after yourself and leaving the space in a condition that you would like to find it. And the same applies to your own room as well. Just because your parents aren’t here to remind you to pick up after yourself doesn’t mean you should slack off. Make sure that you’re doing your laundry every week and set a routine for cleaning your room at regular intervals. When it comes to utensils, wash them immediately after use rather than leaving them for later. Let’s leave discovering new types of leaves to science experiments rather than a sick leave due to unwashed coffee mugs.

Stock up on snacks

If you’re expecting that your hostel is going to be serving you the most reputed and delicious food in Hyderabad, biryani, day and night, you’re in for a shock. Your hostel food is likely to be pretty plain fare, and served at specific mealtimes only, unless you are in a managed accommodation like Stanza Living, that is. But we all know that hunger pangs and cravings don’t adhere to any clocks. That’s why it’s important to stock up on snacks. Keep dry and long, lasting items in your room (where it’s unlikely to be pilfered by other hungry humans) rather than in the fridge (where you’re unlikely to ever find them again.) And brush up your knowledge of microwave meals, as you’re sure to be “cooking” them quite regularly soon. 

With these insider tips, you’ll be ready to start your hostel life in Hyderabad on the right note. So,, good luck!


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