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Is Your Workplace Inclusive? How to Gauge Your Policies


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Diversity and inclusion are topical buzzwords for the modern-day workplace, and rightfully so. A workplace that embraces and encourages diversity and inclusion has happier employees, fosters trust and loyalty, and buoys overall employee wellbeing. 

From a business perspective, studies show that organizations that take steps to foster a diverse and inclusive workspace see higher performance, a better range of skills, a better ability to attract and retain top talent, and improved finances.

So how do you know if your workplace is inclusive? Whether you’ve taken steps to improve inclusion or you’re just getting started, here are some areas to consider.

What Is Inclusion?

To begin, an inclusive workplace is one where all members of the organization feel supported and valued; it’s a space that offers equal opportunities and access to people who may otherwise be excluded — this includes members of minority groups and those with physical or intellectual disabilities. 

How do you know if you’ve done enough to be inclusive?

Conduct an Anonymous Survey

One of the easiest and most effective ways to gauge how inclusive your workplace is to ask for feedback. An anonymous online survey is your best option to start. Craft careful and considered questions and ensure everyone participates.

Review Assets and Fixtures

Conduct a review of assets and fixtures in your workspace.

  • For example, an evacuation chair for emergencies is a pertinent tool for individuals with mobility challenges; it ensures their safety during an evacuation.
  • Desks with centred legs allow easy and comfortable access for wheelchair users.
  • Task lighting at workstations can help senior employees and those who are vision impaired.
  • Automatic door handles in washrooms and standing desks can also cater to various employee abilities.
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Having tools like these on-site go a long way toward crafting a space where everyone feels comfortable, seen, valued and respected.

Host a Round Table

Once you have reviewed survey feedback, host sessions with team members to address common concerns and areas that were consistently flagged for improvement. Getting team members onside and involved immediately shows that you take their comfort and satisfaction seriously.

If you have a large workforce, dividing your round tables into departments might be beneficial. If round table discussions aren’t feasible, once you’ve started incorporating inclusive measures, leave an open-door policy — letting team members know you’re always open to feedback and suggestions.

Review Processes

Consider how internal processes operate and research a more inclusive approach to each.

  • Are staff meetings conducted in a way that makes everyone feel valued and that their voice is heard? 
  • Can you confidently say that appraisals are conducted without bias? A study by Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Lab found that women were “far more likely than their male colleagues to receive performance appraisals that are shorter and contain ‘vague feedback,’ less praise and less actionable guidance.”
  • Are training guides tailored to different learning styles?

The Takeaway

Being an inclusive workplace has an array of benefits, both from an ethical perspective and for business. Wherever you are in your journey toward a more inclusive workplace, don’t take too long to make change. One sure fire way to upset employees is to hint at change, then not lay the groundwork.


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