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Isabel Roloff: I Have Stretch Marks. I Have a Postpartum Bump. And It’s Incredible!


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Isabel Roloff is here to keep it real.

And we could not be more appreciative.

The wife of former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff is now also the mother to a boy named Mateo.

She and her husband welcomed their son in early December.

Right around this time, therefore, many other celebrities wouldd be jumping on social media to brag about getting their bikini bodies back and/or shedding all the pregnancy pounds… and all that nonsense.

But not Roloff.

“This is me three months postpartum!” the 26-year old captioned an Instagram Story selfie on Thursday, adding:

“Documenting it for myself mostly but to normalize that I still have a little bump and it’s totally OK. I had really bad ab separation. My baby was nine freaking pounds.”

izzie roloff message

What a welcome point of view.

Isabel went on to write that her body “is what it is,” concluding:

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘Dang, what if I want more kids, what will it look like then if this is what happened with my first?’ Such a trip.

“Bodies are incredible.”


They sure are.

It’s refreshing to hear a woman talk this way, and not to focus on some need to lose lots of weight as soon as she becomes a parent.

Isabel has been consistent in her candor when it comes to life as a new mother, too. It’s not always easy, you know?

“I have had some postpartum anxiety of course, but I think that’s really normal as a first time mom,” Roloff wrote on her Instagram Story in January, admitting back then:

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“I see a long road to recovery ahead of me.

“I’m only five weeks [postpartum] but I’m in a lot of pain still, and these daily walks are motivation for me and my body to KEEP GOING.

“I’m going to likely need pelvic floor therapy, continue acupuncture, massage, chiropractor and so much more.

“We’re still deeply healing over here, but still so much gratitude for the whole journey.”

Jacob, for his part, has been gushing over Mateo ever since he became a dad.

“My beautiful son was born one week ago early on December 4th. Mateo Tomás,” the ex-TLC personality wrote via Instagram late last yearr.

“I already feel an endless love and fierce protection for this boy.

“Mama Juj was an absolute superhero in the process, and my love and appreciation for her grows more every day.”

roloff, son

More recently, Jacob uploaded the precious snapshot immediately above and wrote along with it:

Mateo … my lovely boy.

One day I will grow food with you, and eat fruit from a tree with you, and I’ll say “nothing could top this”, and you will prove me wrong.


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