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Janelle and Christine Brown Meet Up with 90 Day Fiance Star Molly Hopkins


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Sister Wives fans have been inspired by the solidarity between Janelle and Christine Brown.

Things could easily have been super weird. Instead, they’ve been spending time together.

Reality TV worlds collided over the weekend.

Christine and Janelle ran into Molly Hopkins, a longtime 90 Day Fiance franchise star.

Molly Hopkins promo shot The Single Life

Molly Hopkins took to her Instagram Story on Saturday, March12.

There, she shared a group photo featuring her, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle’s daughter Maddie Brush.

“So great meeting [Janelle],” she wrote across the photo, tagging Janelle’s Instagram handle.

Molly Hopkins IG feat Christine Brown, Janelle Brown

In turn, Janelle reposted the photo and its caption, adding some commentary of her own.

“Great to meet you, too!” Janelle gushed.

Though the posts were on their Stories and thus temporary, screenshots quickly circulated across social media fan groups.

Janelle detailed to fans that she and Christine were in Orlando, Florida for a specific purpose.

They were there, she explained, “for a Plexus Leadership Retreat.”

Janelle added: “Best part ? Maddie and Christine and several of the kids joining me.”

Plexus is a supplement company.

Janelle and Christine are both attached to the brand, and so is Molly.

Reality stars and other social media influencers are often ideal spokespeople for lifestyle products.

It is only natural for reality stars to rub elbows at this kind of event, especially if they appear on the same network.

It would have been an odd coincidence if Molly had been there from Georgia while Janelle was there from Arizona and Christine was there from Utah.

Instead, well, they were women with a lot in common who were in town for the same reason.

Janelle and Christine have been reality stars for over a decade.

Sister Wives premiered in 2010, following the plural marriage of Kody and his wives — including them, Meri, and eventually, Robyn.

Famously, things shifted dramatically and very recently, with Christine leaving Kody (to thunderous applause from fans) after 27 years of marriage.

Molly is admittedly a smaller name, though not for lack of reality TV visibility.

The 90 Day Fiance is massive, and she appeared on the flagship series before appearing on spinoffs Pillow Talk and The Single Life.

But because she was only one cast member among many, she might have a little less recognition than any of the titular sister wives.

Molly is a businesswoman and has used her reality TV fame to promote her plus size lingerie to viewers.

On the show, she was engaged and even married to Luis … but things did not work out.

And then Luis ended up marrying another woman just months after his split from Molly. That was, to say the least, suspicious.

Things falling apart with Luis (seen here kissing his next bride) did not mean that Molly lived Unhappily Ever After.

When she was ready, she began dating again.

All evidence suggests that she and Kelly are still very much together, even if he doesn’t appear to have been with her in Orlando.

90 Day The Single Life Molly Hopkins gets a kiss

At the risk of sounding like we’re trying to read too much into a simple TLC star photo op, Molly is a walking, talking reminder that new beginnings can work out.

Sometimes, that can be difficult to believe — especially after a marriage that has spanned for nearly three decades.

It’s up to Christine to choose where she goes next in life and what she does, so we wish her the very best with whatever path she chooses.

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