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Mackenzie McKee Teases OnlyFans Account, May Be on Verge of Bankruptcy


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Over the course of a single Instagram post last week, Mackenzie McKee…

… remarked on one of the most pressing concerns facing Americans these days.

… made fun of those who make money off various fetishes on a certain social media platform.

… hinted at some major financial concerns.

“Me practicing for my only fans so I can afford gas,” wrote the Teen Mom OG as a caption to the photos immediately above and below.

Aside from commenting on the high price of filling up one’s car these days, McKee pulled a foot up close to her face, first with a sneaker on it… then with just her bare foot exposed to the camera.

“For $10 you’ll get this,” she said, flexing her foot. “For $100, you’ll get this nice and sweaty after a long workout.”

“For $5,000 I’ll send you this,” McKee continued, yanking off her sock.

“Yeah, you like that?” Mackenzie said. “Got blisters on them from running. Chipped polish. And for $10,000 I’ll like my big toe for you.”

Most followers appeared to be in on McKee’s joke, with one individual cracking up and writing:

“The funny thing is that you literally could’ve made money on what you just showed!”

Added another: “Oh my gosh you totally had me laughing girl. I freaking love you.”

The question, though, is whether or not McKee is really joking around here.

As you may or may not know, OnlyFans is a service for which one pays a fee (set by the person who opened his/her account) and, in exchange, gets access to a variety of photos and/or videos.

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These photos and/or videos are typically racy in nature.

Could McKee really be turning to OnlyFans? Because she’s in need of some quick cash?

It’s not inconceivable, especially when you consider McKee’s ongoing beef with MTV.

She was NOT among those cast on Teen Mom: Family Reunion, the crossover series that featured women from across all Teen Mom franchises.

She can’t say for certain whether she’ll be back on network down the line, either.

“I don’t understand. This show was about people who have problems with each other and people who need therapy, and I’m the one who had a dead mom,” McKee told The Sun last month about the Family Reunion snub.

“MTV tries to cover a girls’ storyline about mental health, but they really don’t care about you.”

What might this snub mean for McKee’s future as a Teen Mom OG anchor?

She’s afraid there might not be one.

Mackenzie said in this same previous interview she hasn’t been contacted about a new season of Teen Mom OG, although she’s “praying” producers soon reach out and invite her back for another run.

A final run, perhaps?

“The show is obviously coming to an end with us not being teenagers anymore,” McKee said to close out her chat with The Sun, concluding:

“You never know when the last season is going to be.”

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