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Janelle Brown: What Business Does She Have in North Carolina?!?


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Janelle Brown may be making her move, folks.

We say this because the Sister Wives star was just very recently on the move.

On Wednesday, the long-time TLC personality shared some photos of her two grandkids, writing as an update/caption:

In North Carolina for a quick business trip. Flew in Friday and back home tomorrow. But was so blessed to see these two [loves] of my life.

The message has many followers buzzing — and wondering.

What sort of business does Janelle have all the way in North Carolina, which isn’t exactly adjacent to herr hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona?

Moreover, does this trip (and the reason behind it) mean anything at all as far as her marriage to Kody Brown is concerned?

Let’s start with the first question…

We know that Janelle is working with former fellow spouse Christine, as the pair have often posed together in promotion of a weight loss supplement/plan.

It’s likely this is the venture that took her to North Carolina, where perhaps the company behind this business is based.

As many Sister Wives fans know well, Meri Brown has risen up the ranks at LuLaRoe, a (controversial) multi-level marketing company that sells women’s clothing.

This role frequently takes her around the country for conferences and/or meetings and/or retreats.

Might Janelle be similarly moving up in the world of whichever brand she’s been working with? It’s possible.

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Might she also be planning to leave Kody and establishing her own source of income in a key aspect of this plan?

It’s not all that crazy of a theory.

Over the course of Sister Wives Season 16, Janelle grew more and more frustrated by her spiritual spouse, even cursing Kody off at one point after he refused to acknowledge her side of the COVID-19 debate.

At one point, on an episode that aired in January, Janelle flat-out questioned her relationship… and whether she should remain in it.

“I’ve caught myself in the last few weeks really reflecting and being like, ‘Okay, look: do I still choose plural marriage?'” confessed Janelle on air.

“Yeah, I still choose it, but I’ve had to have that conscious decision with myself.”

Then, on part two of the Sister Wives reunion special, Kody wouldn’t even say he was in love with Janelle.

“We don’t partner really well, but we actually just are able to have a marriage that’s, if you will, lower in attachment,” he said of the pair’s connection, as cryptically and dispassionately as possible, adding:

“I don’t even know. We’re good friends, we get along well.

“It’s more of a, like, just a committed relationship.”

How… not romantic.

This is why some observers think Janelle really may be lining up her life to get the heck away from Kody. At last.

“Janelle meant it when [she] said she would leave Kody,” an insider previously told Us Weekly.

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It’s going to happen.”

Added a second source back then, citing the decision by Christine this past November to leave… and not look back

“[Janelle’s] really close to Christine, so she’s in constant communication with her.”

“[Kody’s] trembling and worried that Meri or Janelle are going to leave him.”

They most definitely should, that’s for certain.


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