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Jed Duggar: Why is He Trying to Distract Fans from the Josh Duggar Trial?


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While some have shown up to court, the majority of the Duggar family has seemingly ignored Josh Duggar’s trial.

Many are wisely maintaining radio silence on social media, since they lack the courage or moral clarity to condemn him.

Oddly, Jed Duggar has chosen a different path this week.

He seems to think that if he throws some shiny throwback pics out into the world, followers will just forget that his brother is a monster.

On Monday, December 6, Jed Duggar took to Instagram to share a look back as his engagement.

This dates back to Valentine’s day, making these photos less than a year old.

With that in mind, this seems like an almost random time to offer the throwbacks. Almost.

Jedidiah Duggar iG romantic winter proposal throwback

“Looking back on our romantic winter proposal on Valentine’s Day!” Jed captioned.

He recalled the conditions: “It was -13°F and snowing! She was SO surprised!!”

These days, of course, Jed and Katey are both married and expecting. Life moves as a breakneck pace in the Duggar world.

But this is not the one-year anniversary of Jed’s proposal.

Out of context, this seems like a random week to share such a throwback.

In context, it appears to be a transparent ploy to give fans something to talk about other than his disgraced brother.

“Damage control anyone?” reads one comment.

“Your brother is in court for possession of CSAM,” the commenter pointed out.

“And,” the commenter observed, “all you can do is talk about your engagement as if nothing is happening?”

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“Read the room Jed!!!!!” suggested another.

“You’re supporting your sick in the head brother,” the commenter noted, “and a jury is having to listen to the sick things he was watching.”

That commenter continued: “And you’re over here reminiscing about your proposal, good lord.”

Certainly, this seems like the only explanation that makes sense.

Jed might be thinking fondly of his engagement for whatever reason, and that part is normal.

But posting it, this week of all weeks? That feels deliberate, and people are right to be annoyed.

Now, some might argue that this is totally unfair to Jed.

After all, he didn’t choose to be cursed to be born into the Duggar family or to have Josh as a sibling.

Should siblings be held accountable or in any way blamed for another’s crimes?

Usually, no, especially when we’re talking about a younger sibling who is not at all implicated in his brother’s crimes, proven or alleged.

However, Jed is not exactly staying out of this and keeping his head down.

Instead, he has been seen hanging out with his disgraced brother.

On Tuesday, December 7, Jed was spotted at Josh’s ongoing trial.

According to eyewitness reports, Jed walked into the courtroom.

Josh approached him, and the two were described as talking and then laughing.

That is enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

Jed cannot help who his blood relatives are, but he can surely control who he chooses to associate with as an adult.

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Going somewhere to hang out and exchange laughs with a disgusting predator during his criminal trial … that sounds like a choice.

Maybe Jed was forced to. Jim Bob does infamously use his wealth to control his adult children.

But was he forced to publicly laugh with his brother?

It seems more likely that this is simply who Jed has chosen to be.


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