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Jenelle Evans Whines About Not Being Cast on Teen Mom Spinoff, Gets Roasted Into Oblivion By Ashley Jones


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Jenelle Evans is her own worst enemy.

And that’s saying something, because this is a woman with a lot of enemies!

But as much as she complains about the “haters,” who she claims are sabotaging her “career” (read: her attempts to get rich off Instagram sponsored content deals), no one effs up Jenelle’s life quite like Jenelle.

Evans likes to blame her “past” for the fact that no one wants to work with her, when the realitty is that she keeps doing horrible things, and that’s why no one will self-respecting brand her with a ten-foot pole.

You’d think that after all of the rejection she’s experienced in the past year, Jenelle would be used to it.

But the fact is, she seems to be more affected than ever by her severed business relationships.

Maybe that’s because she knows she’s running out of options …

… Or maybe it’s because the latest company to cut ties with Jenelle is the only one that had the power to make her semi-famous again.

We’re talking, of course, about MTV.

As you might have heard, the network recently filmed a Teen Mom spin-off series that features women from all three of the show’s current iterations.

(Yes, they’re still trying to make Teen Mom Young and Pregnant happen. Good luck with that one!)

Apparently, Jenelle thought she had been hired for the show, and she was heartbroken when MTV execs had second thoughts.

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According to Jenelle, the deal went bust when she asked producers if she could bring David Eason along with (and we’re guessing she intended to do so at MTV’s expense).

For a million obvious reasons, execs balked at this deal, and Jenelle has been telling her sob story to anyone who will listen ever since.

“Basically I got called one day by my old producer, he asked me if I wanted to be a part of this ‘Teen Mom’ reunion show thing,” Jenelle claimed in a recent TikTok video, according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“I said, ‘I’m up for it, you can let them know I’m up for it, I just want my husband there as support– maybe down the street staying in a hotel, just in case s–t pops off, I have somewhere to go. And support,'” Evans continued.

“Once I told them that, I never got a call back about it and I was basically ignored.” 

Then, as she always does, Jenelle attempted to turn herself into the badass of the situation.

“Apparently all the other girls are scared of me because they’re like, ‘Oh hell no, we don’t want Jenelle to be in here,’” she said.

“But pretty much all the other teen moms were there, including Farrah [Abraham], so have fun watching them.” 

After that, Evans reversed course, telling fans that with her “anxiety being so bad lately, it’s probably best I didn’t go.” 

When fans joked in the comments that David had messed up another opportunity for Jenelle, she replied that she was the one who “wanted David to go.”

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“Come to find out, they did like, a little dad filming, too, so all the dads went, they got to take a little vacation,” Evans continued.

“Umm, Ashley [Jones’] baby daddy [Bar Smith] got to go, so everyone got to go. Except David.”

From there, Jenelle continued to make her case, as though she has any chance in hell of being re-hired.

“But see, I wasn’t asking David to be involved with filming or participating, I was literally wanting him there for support, that’s all,” she said.

“He doesn’t want to deal with all that bulls–t, trust me. And that’s where, ya know, MTV and David butt heads,” Evans prattled on.

“I’m willing to do pretty much anything for them when it came down to it, but David was there to put his foot down and be like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s reevaluate all of this,'” she revealed.

“So yeah, thank God for David,” Jenelle hilariously concluded.

Obviously, Jenelle is being ridiculous as always, but this situation is even more amusing than most of her foolishness, because Ashley caught wind of Jenelle’s shade, and she responded by absolutely dragging this woman to hell.

“Someone tell Jenelle that yes my HUSBAND was invited …. Because people actually wanted him there …. sorry sis,” Jones wrote on her Instagram Story.

Jenelle, Ashley

From there, Jones spiked the football by turning Jenelle’s name into a freakin’ coupon code:

“Anyways y’all, don’t forget to book with @ariesbeautystudio,” she wrote.

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“Leave code: uninvitedjenelle in the notes section of the checkout page for 30 percent off your booking,” Jones continued.

Jenelle Coupon

“Any time a b-tch speak on me, imma turn her name into a coupon code,”

Ya know, we talk a lot of smack about Jenelle here, but we’re absolutely in awe of what Ashley accomplished with just two Instagram Stories.

We know when we’ve been beat, and in this case, we couldn’t be happier about it.

All hail the new shade queen!


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