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Jeniffer Tarazona Missing? Jesse Meester Raises Alarm on Social Media


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90 Day: The Single Life has showcased Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona’s relationship, such as it is.

There’s been a theory that they’re faking it, and Jesse and Jeniffer are vain and horny enough that it’s not so far-fetched.

But even their worst critics were alarmed over the weekend.

Jesse took to social media to alert fans that Jeniffer was missing.

On Sunday, January 9, Jesse Meester raised the alarm with a post in Spanish.

“Jeniffer has been missing in Bucaramanga for more than 24 hours,” he announced.

“I am using all my resources to find her,” Jesse wrote, “since I am not in the country.”

Jesse Meester IG Jeniffer Tarazona missing 9 January 2022

“And the last message I sent,” Jesse shared, “was ‘I love you my everything.’”

He continued: “I [was] home yesterday at 6:00 p.m. [from] our meeting.”

“She did not come home,” Jesse wrote, “and has been missing for more than 24 hours.”

Jesse Meester makes out with Jeniffer Tarazona (The Single Life s2 preview)

“I am really concerned,” Jesse expressed.

“If anyone in Bucaramanga has seen Jeniffer,” he pleaded, “please let me know as soon as possible.”

That was an alarming read for numerous fans and followers.

Jeniffer’s most recent Instagram post at the time was shared on Friday, January 7.

Followers flocked to the comments to write to her, in the hopes that this was all a misunderstanding.

“Girl Jesse is saying you’re missing!!! Everyone is reporting you’re missing!!! Let us know you’re ok!!!” one urgent commenter wrote.

Jeniffer Tarazona and Jesse Meester header pic

“I hope she is ok,” another shared, before weirdly deciding to add: “Colombia can be a dangerous place!!!”

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(For a show that includes so many countries, the 90 Day Fiance fandom is home to a lot of intense and fearful xenophobia)

Jesse, who had clearly returned to his native Europe, had many people fearing the worse.

Fortunately, this story had a happy ending, as Jesse revealed just hours later on his Instagram Story.

“For those that helped thank you so much!” he expressed.

“This is what I love about this community here,” Jesse praised, “and looking out for each other!!!”

Jesse Meester legs in the shower (The Single Life promo)

“Her phone was lost,” Jesse explained.

He continued: “[she] fell asleep and [had] no reception at the farm, many stops and more.”

Jesse confirmed: “She is okay!”

Jesse Meester 11 breathes with Jeniffer Tarazona

Since then, renewed activity on Jeniffer’s own Instagram account has helped to reassure followers that she is okay.

Sometimes, someone is out of touch for a short time, but if it’s unlike them, it causes people to worry.

In this day and age, someone going without their phone for longer than it takes to sleep can cause very reasonable panic.

Of course, 90 Day Fiance fans familiar with Jesse and Tarazona’s fame-hungry ridiculousness have … questions.

The story is perfectly plausible, of course.

But does that necessarily make it true?

Jesse Meester 02 breathes with Jeniffer Tarazona

Jesse and Jeniffer are marketing themselves through their “relationship,” their bodies, and their hunger for fame.

The two have been selling a steamy calendar featuring their favorite subjects: themselves.

Between that and their on-screen romance, they might have a lot of good reasons to grab attention with a brief, harmless stunt.

Jesse Meester 10 breathes with Jeniffer Tarazona

It’s possible, but seems sort of odd as a stunt for attention.

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If Jesse and Jeniffer wanted to grab people’s attention, they could come up with something less dramatic — that would grab people’s attention for more than a few hours.

Our guess is that this really happened, but people are reluctant to trust these two narcissists.


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