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Jessa Duggar Blasts Critics: You’re Just a Bunch of Sad Losers!


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Now, we’re no experts on the Bible, but the Duggars certainly are.

And we think Jessa might have skipped that part about “turning the other cheek.”

The mother of four has been quick to anger lately, and she’s been letting her social media followers know exactly how she feels about their snide remarks.

It’s somewhat of a complex situation, as people definitely have a right to be angry with her family.

But if they’re fuming at Jessa, then their rage is probably misdirected.

Jessa might be guilty of defending her family when they were not worthy of being defended.

It’s important to bear in mind, however, that as one of Josh Duggar’s many victims, she’s a little too close to this situation to evaluate it objectively.

And it’s not just Josh who’s preyed on her.

Jessa was is also the daughter of a master manipulator.

All of this is to say that when Jessa posts some content that has nothing to do with Josh or his crimes, perhaps commenters should just ease up and let her enjoy whatever moments of normalcy she can find these days.

Case in point, last week, when Jessa posted a lengthy YouTube video of her kids opening Christmas presents, commenters probably should have just wished her a happy holiday and kept it moving.

We probably don’t need to tell you that that’s not what happened.

“We thought it would be fun to set aside a day before all that to do our own little group,” Jessa explained to the camera as her kids tore into their gifts.

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“We’re going to open some little presents.”

It wasn’t long before a commenter alerted Jessa that her video had become a popular topic of conversation over on Reddit.

“Reddit is psychoanalyzing your YouTube video. They really like to reach over there,” this person remarked.

Now, the commenter probably should’ve just refrained from calling attention to this conversation, but once the cat was out of the bag, Jessa felt the need to respond.

“Yes, sad life they must lead!” Jessa responded.

“Haters gonna hate, but I don’t pay any attention to all that mess,” she continued.

“Life goes on, and we’re seeking to live it to the fullest!”

And that wasn’t the first comment that caused Jessa to lash out in response.

Immediately after the video was posted, a “fan” accused Jessa of working with Jim Bob to distract the public’s attention away from all the recent bad news about the Duggar clan.

“We know Jim Bob got you out there distracting us sis,” this person remarked.

“It’s okay. We love you. Jessa, you are so pretty.”

“This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” Jessa promptly replied.

“But thanks for softening your rudeness with a compliment.”

Look, we can understand the desire to not allow the Duggar family a moment’s peace.

Josh’s arrest was the start of the biggest scandal in the history of reality television, and it’s just one of several controversies the family is currently dealing with.

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Josh isn’t even the only Duggar who got arrested for miustreating children last year, as Jana Duggar was indicted for child endangerment.

It’s appalling, and infuriating, and there should be a federal investigation into the entire family.

That said, there’s no reason to believe that Jessa had any involvement with all of this wrongdoing.

So maybe we should just let her open presents with her kids in peace, mmm-kay?


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