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Jill Duggar Goes Blonde as Josh Duggar Trial Continues: New Hair, New Me!


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Early this week, Jill Duggar braced herself for Josh’s trial

We can all understand why this is such a difficult time for some, especially his sisters.

Jill is keeping busy, and is unveiling her brand new hair.

Not only is she breaking Jim Bob’s infamous modesty rules, but there’s clear symbolism to this kind of change that makes it very timely.

This week, all eyes were on disgraced former reality star Josh Duggar as his trial begins.

The sick revelations from Josh’s trial have already been chilling and impossible to avoid.

It only makes sense that Jill wanted a way to engage with fans online without addressing one of her family’s most twisted monsters.

Jill is not the only person grappling with intense trauma who has realized that a superficial change can be therapeutic.

Haircuts and makeovers aren’t just a change — they can be deeply cathartic.

Deep down, a person can feel reborn. It doesn’t erase what’s happened or mend your emotional health, but it can still be good for you.

Jill Duggar mirror selfie mid-hair dying (December 2021)

With that clearly in mind, Jill visited a hairstylist early this week.

Jill has sported the same thick, dark brown hair … well, forever, since it’s her natural color.

Now, she is trading that in for something much lighter.

Jill Duggar photo mid-hair dying (December 2021)

“So … I did a thing today thanks to @michellegamboa hair,” Jill teased on Wednesday, December 1.

Hours later, she shared a video, which we have included with this article.

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The clip shows a step-by-step process of Jill getting her hair professionally dyed a light blond.

Jill Duggar goes blonde for the first time (mirror reaction)

There are more dramatic blondes — Jill could have aimed for platinum, had she chosen to.

Instead, she aimed for a light blonde, which was then styled in waves.

There’s something missing from the look … but what is it?

Jill Duggar IG blonde hair with caption

Maybe a “Viking hat” would complete it? (We jest)

Also … actual Vikings never wore those; they were an operatic invention.

Still, this honey blonde look is looking gorgeous, and Jill is clearly pleased.

“Lovin’ my new blonde look! Loved spending yesterday with you @michellegamvoahair,” Jill wrote.

“I picked up some purple shampoo today … y’all give me all your blonde tips and tricks below,” she invited her fans and followers.

For obvious reasons, the comments were willed with compliments and praise.

“Supporting” any of the Duggars, even the daughters — even Josh’s victims — can be a tricky task.

We’re talking about adult women who were raised in a cult that gives them dangerously skewed ideas about sex, consent, and forgiveness.

After Josh’s crimes were exposed in 2015, long before this trial, Jim Bob marched out a couple of his victims to defend him on television.

Jill has grown a lot since then.

Together with her husband, Derick Dillard, she has put a lot of distance between herself and many of her toxic relatives, including her awful father.

Jill still maintains a close bond with several of her sisters, but her deviation from Jim Bob has come at a cost.

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Right now, Jill is enduring all of the downsides of being a Duggar — childhood trauma that will haunt her for life, the infamy of being Josh’s sibling — with very few of the “perks.”

It is a good thing that she was able to find a way to participate in social media this week, of all weeks.

In her shoes, how many of us would be brave enough to post anything to Instagram? To even look at our phones during the week of the trial?


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