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Joe Gorga Confronts Luis Ruelas Over Abuse Allegations: You Better Treat Teresa Right!


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Ever since it was first reported that he was seeing Teresa Guidice, we’ve all heard that Luis Ruelas is bad news.

Margaret Josephs and Teresa will go to war over it as the season continues, but she’s not the only one talking about it.

The husbands of RHONJ, including Joe Gorga, are asking Luis very directly about the accusations from his exes.

Did he abuse his ex? If that’s who he is, he and Joe are going to have a problem.

It has been claimed that Luis Ruelas physically abused his former fiancee, even striking her in front of her children.

That goes above and beyond the initial rumors that came out.

Being toxic, love-bombing, and being horny are one thing. Domestic abuse is another, and some have wondered if Teresa is in danger.

The husbands addressed what they had heard, not just speaking about it on camera but asking Luis directly.

“Yeah, I’ve had a couple of bad relationships,” Luis began, at first just speaking about broader accusations from exes.

“But I’m sure every guy at this table has a girl that’ll talk bad about you,” he continued, “and say something different or opposite of the truth.”

That was not quite enough, and Tiki Barber asked Luis about the abuse allegations.

“There’s no physical violence. There’s no truth to that,” Luis claimed.

He alleged: “There’s a couple of very angry exes [who are] very thirsty for attention, so no.”

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“Let me let you in on a little secret,” Luis then continued.

“The girl you’re referring to, I heard a rumor that she stabbed her husband with a butcher knife,” he claimed.

Luis specified that it was “while I was dating her, [I heard] a rumor about it.”

Luis revealed that he had stayed with the woman despite allegedly hearing about the alleged stabbing rumor.

“I didn’t want to believe it… I was stupid. I don’t know man, I wasn’t strong,” Luis said.

Understandably, not everyone present was sure that Luis was being sincere … and not just trying to steer the conversation.

Joe freely admitted to the confessional camera that this is not a dating situation that he would have picked for his sister.

“This is a little weird, but Teresa has made up her mind that she wants to stay with Louie,” he stated frankly.

“And if I want to stay in my sister’s life,” Joe admitted, “I’m gonna keep my mouth shut.”

But Joe’s desire to stay in his sister’s life did not mean that he wasn’t going to keep an eye out.

“Listen, there’s a lot of s–t coming out, but I said to my sister, ‘Does he treat you right?’ She says yes,” Joe told Luis.

He then warned: “But you f–k up, I’m gonna find out about that, trust me.”

In that same episode, Teresa was preparing for her one-year anniversary celebration.

She prepared to mark the milestone with Luis, with Gia and Gabriella there as she got ready.

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Of course, Gia has expressed some wise reservations about her mother’s head-over-heels romance.

Teresa even brought up her own history, of having gone to prison, to defend Luis’ reputation.

Gia sagely noted that her mom spending time behind bars for a white collar charge isn’t really comparable to a man accused of mistreating his partners.

But even she could admit that her mother seemed happier than before. Teresa’s gonna do what Teresa’s gonna do.


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