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Jordan Cashmyer Died of Drug Overdose, Dad of Late Reality Star Confirms


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We have a very sad update on the life and death of Jordan Cashmyer.

As previously reported, the 16 & Pregnant cast member passed away earlier in January, just several months after giving birth to her second daughter.

At the time, Cashmyer’s cause of death was unknown.

But now the former reality star’s grieving father has confirmed what many observers tragically assumed to have been the case:

Jordan Cashmyer died of a drug overdose.

“Our daughter Jordan tragically lost her life on January 15, 2022, at the age of 26,” wrote Dennis Cashmyer Jr. to open a GoFundMe page that is asking readers to help fun his child’s memorial, while also raising money for his grandchild’s future.

“Leaving behind a sweet little 6-month-old girl,” continued Jordan’s dad on this page, prior to making the confirmation:

“Addiction plagues many families, and our family was not immune to it.”

Cashmyer was featured on an episode of 16 & Pregnant back in 2014.

At the time, she was expecting a baby with then-boyfriend Derek Taylor, from whom she eventually split and to whom she also lost custody of her firstborn.

Cashmyer’s struggles were then pretty well-documented by MTV viewers and/or celebrity gossip followers.

She battled a substance abuse problem. She was homeless for a bit. She worked as an escort at one point and she was arrested in 2017 for drug possession.

Just about a year ago, however, Cashmyer celebrated her sobriety on social media.

It appeared as if she had turned her life around… only for her second baby daddy/fiance to pass away not long after daughter Lyla was born.

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Did this tragedy cause Jordan to fall off the wagon and did it indirectly lead to her fatal overdose?

One can only presume, but it feels like a safe presumption.

“Jordan was always so full of life and full of personality,” continuned her father on the aforementioned GoFundMe page.

“She had a way of always making those around her laugh and smile, and her smile was truly contagious. Our family is heartbroken, and we will forever miss Jordan.

“We are now faced with the grim outcome that our grandaughter that we have been raising will never get to make memories with her mother or father, never getting to know them.

“Lyla lost her father to addiction at two months & now her mother at six months.”

Just a few days after Cashmyer died, Taylor made headlines for shrugging off her passing.

He told concerned Twitter followers that he and Jordan’s first daughter didn’t lose anything as a result of this awful incident, explaining himself as follows:

[Genevieve] lost her mom 7 years ago. Whatever damage my daughter was/is going to suffer was set in place 7 years ago. Genevieve is better off without her mother.

Just as she has been her whole life. Jordan isn’t relevant to my daughters life all the sudden. We’re good over here.

To close out his GoFundMe request/tribute, Mr. Cashmyer concluded:

Our family has to now not only put our daughter to rest but navigate through starting over with an infant who has lost both her parents in her six months of life.

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Please help our family cover the costs of Jordan’s memorial and start a fund for Lyla’s future.

We did not foresee starting back over, and all that comes along with that.

Lyla has been our family’s greatest joy and addition; she has been our saving grace during this difficult time.

Myself, my wife, our kids, and sweet little Lyla have been shown so much love and words of kindness in the past nine days since Jordan’s passing.

Our hearts are grateful. We pray Jordan is finally at peace. Lots of Love, The Cashmyers.

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