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Kailyn Lowry Reveals She Has Been Diagnosed with Depression


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In April, Kailyn Lowry shared that she had been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Though Kail often has a hard time, that label and the treatments for it were not for her.

It turns out that she has a more accurate, and in some ways, simpler diagnosis.

Kailyn has now revealed that she has been diagnosed with clinical depression.

On Thursday, Kailyn Lowry took to her Instagram Stories for a holiday season Q&A session with her fans and followers.

During that time on social media, she requested only one thing of her fans: that they ask her “good stuff only.”

One Teen Mom 2 fan went above and beyond, submitting a compliment instead of a query.

Kailyn Lowry IG - diagnosed with depression

“Lookin like a bad bitch today,” the follower submitted to Kail.

Kailyn replied with a selfie and an earnest thank you.

“Got diagnosed w depression and needed a pick me up,” she wrote. “Appreciate you!”

Depression is actually a classification of various types of mood disorders.

Classic signs can include a lack of motivation, an inability to find joy in hobbies or interests, a lack of energy, and much more.

Sometimes situations can cause depression — such as the death of a loved one. Many find that chemical imbalances and trauma inflict depression upon them.

This time of year can be brutal for those with depression.

Just as bright light is hard for those with anxiety, the decrease in sunlight that most of us hardly notice can make those with depression feel drained of life.

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It’s sad that while so many of us delight in the weather and mercifully early sunsets, those suffering from depression are struggling.

Kailyn was speaking on the The Things That Shape Us podcast in April when she shared that she was not, in fact, bipolar.

“Did I see you when I went through the doctors and they had me reassessed and re-evaluated and I ended up not being bipolar?” she asked.

While Bipolar disorder includes depression (and mania, both in extremes when unmanaged), it is not the same as depression.

In 2015, Kailyn revealed that she had stopped taking her meds for bipolar disorder, not noticing a difference in how she felt.

In some cases, those with mental illnesses that impact their moods and perceptions stop taking medications to their own detriment.

However, if someone is misdiagnosed, their medication and treatment might not help them at all.

Kailyn’s mother was diagnosed as bipolar.

Because many mental illnesses can be hereditary, it was not unreasonable for doctors to consider whether this diagnosis fit Kailyn.

However, even we — who are not psychiatrists and certainly have not evaluated Kailyn — can admit that depression sounds like a more accurate diagnosis.

For decades, depression medications were infamous for their side effects — in some cases, including a risk of backfiring on the patient by worsening depression.

In some ways, that is still the case, but there are more medications, there have been more studies, and many doctors are better able to find the right prescription for their patient.

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While the outrageously high cost of healthcare is still an obstacle for many people, that is at least no barrier to Kailyn. We hope that she finds the right treatment for her.


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