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Amelia Hamlin SLAMS Scott Disick: That MF Ruined My Whole Year!


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These days, it’s being rumored that Scott Disick is looking to get married and settle down so that he can compete with his newly-engaged baby mama, Kourntey Kardashian.

Obviously, it sounds like his mentality is more than a little warped, but we’re in favor of anything that might remove Scott from the dating pool.

You see, Scott has a rather disgusting habit of pursuing women who are far too young for him.

As far as we know, he hasn’t broken the law in his interactions with the opposite sex, but the whole thing is still very, very gross.

Late last year, Scott started dating Amelia Hamlin, much to the chagrin of her parents — and to just about anyone with a functioning conscience and sense of how power dynamics work.

Thankfully, the relationship was short-lived.

Amelia dumped Scott after he was exposed engaging in some truly revolting behavior.

(And we mean revolting even by Scott Disick standards, which is really saying something.)

In short, Scott attempted to slut shame Kourtney Kardashian in a private DM conversation with another one of her exes.

Fortunately, Younes Bendjima called Dicisk out, and we all benefitted from the reminder that this guy is no damn good.

No one benefitted more than Amelia, of course, who promptly kicked Scott to rhe curb after he was exposed as the worst kind of hater and loser.

Amelia has had little to say about Scott in the months since that messy breakup.

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But in her year-end wrap-up post on Instagram, the model made some remarks that are being interpreted as subtle shade thrown in her ex’s direction.

Amelia shared a pic of her new “bleached brow” look, along with a caption in which she reflected on the year that was.

“2021… the year of the bleached brow & dreams coming true… the year that i completely lost my sense of self.. not knowing that i would reclaim it even more authentically,” she captioned the pic.

“The year that i went to new york and never left,” Hamlin continued, referencing her recent relocation from LA to NYC.

“Thank u 2021 … thank you to everyone that made my dreams come true.. u know who u r!!! I LOVE U!!!!!”

Since her tumultuous relationship with Scott was Amelia’s most public heartache of the year, many of her followers jumped to the conclusion that that was what caused her to “completely lose [her] sense of self.”

Whatever the case, it seems that Amelia is much happier post-Scott than she was during her relationship with the troubled father of four.

As for Disick — well, he might not be faring so well.

Insiders say Scott remains furious about Kourtney’s engagement to Travis Barker.

Some have even gone so far as to claim that Disick hates Barker.

The more likely explanation is that Scott is just jealous, having hoped that he and Kourt would one day get back together — ya know, once he felt that he had banged enough teenage models.

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Fortunately, Kourtney didn’t feel inclined to wait around for that day.

And thakfully, Amelia wasn’t snared by his trap either.


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