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Kanye West Spotted with Kim Kardashian Lookalike: Is He Trolling Her or What?


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While Kim Kardashian pleads with the court to finalize her divorce from Kanye West, her ex is moving on … sort of.

Despite seemingly spiraling out of control over Kim’s low-key relationship with Pete Davidson, Ye has been seen with multiple beauties.

His latest companion is making people raise their eyebrows, and it’s less about who she is than about how she looks.

She is a total lookalike for Kim. 

For some time, Chaney Jones has looked like an off-brand Kim Kardashian.

The similarity is striking, both in her look, her body, and the way that she styles herself.

One of her latest outfits, as spotted by TMZ, is a black body suit, sunglasses, and a black purse, which made her the spitting image of Kim.

One other thing that Chaney was wearing was what looked like  apair of balck Yeezys.

Yeezys, of course, are Kanye’s wildly overhyped clothing products, including shoes.

For years, the Kardashian clan wore this sometimes hideous brand to support Kim’s husband.

Chaney was sporting one other … we’ll not say accessory, but simply another overlap in her look and Kim’s.

Namely, she was seen with Kanye West.

If you’re thinking “hey, wasn’t this days ago” … yes and no. This is the second time in as many days that they’ve been hanging out.

Last time, Chaney was with Kanye backstage at his “Donda 2” listening event.

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This was on Tuesday, in Miami.

At that time, Chaney was wearing an identical pair of sunglasses to the one that Kim wore in 2021 for “Donda.”

The Single White Female vibes did not stop there.

Chaney had her hair in a tight bun during this second sighting, instead of sporting her previous extensions.

You know who’s been wearing her hair in a tight bun this week? Kim.

Kanye’s last fling was with Julia Fox.

He actually commented about that relationship.

Ye has had less to say (by which we mean nothing to say) about whatever is going on with Chaney.

So no, there’s no confirmation that Kanye and Chaney are dating or even casually boning.

Not officially anyway. We are still free to draw our own conclusions until someone drops a key word like “dating.”

Given that they’ve been spotted together in Florida and California just days apart, though, it speaks to a certain level of … proximity.

Is Kanye walking around with a Kim lookalike because he “just has a type” and she fits it?

Is the notoriously egomaniacal self-described “genius” not even consciously aware that she looks like a Kim clone (a klone), and dating him was her idea?

Or maybe this is even more about Kim than it looks, with Kanye convinced that seeing him with this replicant will drive Kim to jealousy and make her beg him to come back?

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We can only guess as to what Kanye’s motives may be, because it is difficult to figure out the goals and thinking of a deeply irrational person.

Meanwhile, Kim is pushing the court to make her legally a single woman, citing emotional distress that Kanye’s relentless clownery has caused her family.

When the divorce goes through, as it is expected to, will that finally drive the message home that he lost Kim forever? We wouldn’t bet on it.


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