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Karine Staehle Accused of Assault: Did the 90 Day Fiance Star Choke Her Husband?


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In a word?


In a 10-second clip that been uploaded to YouTube (a screenshot from which we’ve shared below), 90 Day Fiancee alum Karine Staehle appeared to assault her husband, Paul.

karine image

The context of the footage isn’t clear at this time.

We don’t know what the circumstances are it are or what the couple had been doing/saying prior to what seems to take place in the video.

However, it does seem rather evident to the naked eye that Karine forcefully grabs Paul by the hair… prior to pinning him against the sofa by his neck.

The couple’s two-year old son, Pierre, is present when this interaction takes place as well.

karine choke?

Neither Karine nor Paul has yet addressed the situation on social media or via any sort of public statement.

They’ve certainly had their ups and downs over the years, though.

The spouses made their reality TV debut on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days in 2017 and later returned for season 2.

Back in July 2020, Paul threatened to seek full custody of the aforementioned infant after live streaming an explosive fight with Karine — which resulted in police officers visiting their home on two occasions… including just this past August.

At the time, Karine was pregnant with the pair’s second child, a son named Ethan.

Following the twosome’s personal drama, both Karine and Paul obtained restraining orders against each other in August of last year.

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In September 2021, however, a judge signed off on paperwork that canceled a court hearing in regard to Paul’s custody claim.

In October, Karine and Paul visited the former’s family in Brazil, having seemingly reconciled.

“I did not deserve police called on me,” Paul wrote via his Instagram Stories on August 8.

“I am tired of false allegations and accusations. I do everything I can to keep people happy. Even recent travel. Teaching to drive.

“Getting all Brazilian documents translated and certified to go to an American college. Pushing to make friends. But I am always the bad guy.”

Although she did not specifically comment on the controversy, Karine shared a cryptic message of her own a short time later.

“Muito obrigado pelas mensagens de apoio,” she wrote in her native language of Portuguese with a red heart emoji, translating to:

“Thank you very much for the messages of support” in English.

All has not seemed well between the TLC personalities in awhile.

The last time we wrote about them, Paul had written on Instagram that he wanted to go on a talk show and find out the paternity of his alleged second son.

“Karine said she is willing to go on the show as well,” he said at the time, referring to the program Maury.

“Time to get all of this DNA stuff behind us once and for all.”

It’s unclear how this issue was resolved — but it does seem pretty clear right now that Karine and Paul aren’t getting along once again.

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For the sake of their young kids, we sincerely hope they work things out in the near future.

Whether this means staying together or breaking up.

The priority simply has to be the well-being of the pair’s small sons.


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