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Khloe Kardashian Blasted Over “Alien Face” Photoshop Featuring Martha Stewart


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For years, fans have expressed concern over Khloe Kardashian’s ever-changing face and body.

It’s not just that she looks “weird” and pretty different in a lot of photos. The underlying body-image issues are alarming.

Khloe’s latest photos to evoke these worries included Kris Jenner and Martha Stewart.

In addition to the strangeness of Khloe’s “alien” face in some pics, followers aren’t sure what to make of her abs.

“My mom surprised me and we had lunch with the ICON, the QUEEN herself, @marthastewart48,” Khloe Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

“Queen Martha has always been someone I have adored,” she noted.

Khloe praised: “She’s ambitious, motivated, kind, funny as hell, she’s bad ass!”

Khloe Kardashian IG surprise lunch with Martha Stewart, Kris

“She is organized AF,” Khloe complimented. “She throws down in the kitchen.”

“She loves landscaping,” she noted. “She loves animals, loves her CBD, and she ain’t no snitch.”

Khloe concluded: “This is my kind of Queen”

The photos that Khloe shared, whether close-up selfies of the trio or more posed portrait shots, alarmed some fans.


“Pretty, but so Photoshopped,” another scoffed, while a different commenter observed: “Alien faces. Wow getting pretty bad.”

Khloe has sported what can only be described as an “alien” face before.

It’s strange, because we all know what she looks like — she’s a stunningly beautiful woman.

She can’t seem to see that, and everything that she does to “correct” her appearance only backfires.

Khloe critical tweet - ma'am? (chicken feet)

Having pale skin doesn’t look so odd when your face isn’t halfway down the skin tone pallette.

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A lot of people may give Khloe a hard time, but at least some of the criticism is rooted in concern.

Whether it’s using makeup to change her skin tone, using filters and digital editing to rearrange her face, or just warping her body … it’s too much.

Khloe rose to fame at a difficult time, and we don’t mean because she had a much more “normal” body than Kim or Kourtney.

Though many viewers related to her, 2007 was a horrible time to be a famous woman who didn’t fit a mainstream sexual fantasy.

(It was also a rough time even if everyone on the planet was horny for you, but you would get less body-shaming, at least)

Khloe Kardashian1

Social media, a culture steeped in body-shaming, and sudden fame meant that Khloe was inundated with cruelty.

This had a clear effect upon her psyche.

She rebranded herself, getting a “revenge body” with a total transformation … but her body was never the problem.

Khloe Kardashian - 1991 style, 2021 attitude

Khloe has clearly internalized a lot of harmful ideas about how she looks and how she should look.

We cannot snap our fingers and cure that. Neither can any of her fans. Neither can Khloe herself.

But the photos in which her face and body are warped beyond recognition are, many perceive, cries for help.

We would love to believe that Khloe is in therapy to learn how to love herself, unfiltered.

There is a very real fear, however, that she may be passing on her issues to impressionable young fans.

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After all, if a famous and gorgeous MILF is scrambling her looks in every photo, what does that tell a more average-looking teen?

Khloe has made it clear that she does not feel that anyone has the right to comment on her appearance.

If people were body-shaming her, we would strongly agree (and, to be clear, some people still do that).

But it is the opinion of many that critiquing the social media choices of influential millionaires is fair game, in part due to their impact and how they profit from it.

Khloe Kardashian inspiring facetuning disclosure law tweet

Khloe has built a lot of her brand off of her “revenge body,” and her social media posts are part of that.

So yes, part of what she hears about giving herself an “alien” face is concern.

Another part is genuine criticism — not about her actual face, but the messages that she is implicitly sending on her platform.


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