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Khloe Kardashian to Tristan Thompson: We Are NOT Having Another Baby Together!


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It’s been over a month since a Houston-based personal trainer named Maralee Nichols sued Tristan Thompson for paternity.

Thompson acknowledged that he’d slept with Nichols while still dating Khloe Kardashian, but he vehemently denied that he was the father of Nichols’ baby.

Eventually, the truth came out, and the world learned that Tristan is now a father of three — with three baby mamas to his name.

Thankfully, Khloe Kardashian had already broken up with Thompson by the time this messy courtroom drama unfolded.

Of course, this is not the first time that Tristan has cheated on Khloe.

And it’s not the first time that she’s dumped his ass, only to welcome him back into her life a few months later.

So there’s been some concern among fans that Khloe is on the verge of repeating a mistake that’s caused her a good deal of pain in the past.

Fortunately, those who know her best say the mother of one is well and truly finished with her philandering ex.

Most recently, the couple reunited just in time to quarantine together at the very beginning of the pandemic.

By June of this year, however, they had once again gone their separate ways.

Insiders say Khloe was the one who pulled the plug on the relationship, and they’re confident that it’s the last time she’ll have to dump Tristan.

“It took a lot for Khloe to get back with Tristan,” a source close to the situation tells People magazine.

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“They had such amazing family time during the lockdown. Khloe really believed that Tristan had changed.”

The insider adds that the decision was a particularly painful one for Khloe, as she had long dreamed of forming a “perfect,” traditional family with Tristan.

And just before she made the decision to cut him loose for the final time, they’d been considering having a second child together,

“They were moving ahead with trying for a second baby. They were talking about moving in together permanently,” says the source.

“Tristan even sold his LA house. Khloe thought he would finally respect their family unit,” the insider adds.

“To find out that it was all a lie, was shocking to her. She is still struggling with it.” 

A second source tells People that Khloe’s family has been helping to shoulder the burden of this enormously difficult time in her life.

“She has a great support system though. They are helping her to move on. This is it for her relationship with Tristan,” the insider says.

“She says she will never take him back again.”

We’re sure that’s a relief to her loved ones, several of whom have reportedly taken up semi-permanent residence in Khloe’s home to lend support.

“She’s leaning heavily on Kris all of the time,” the source said.

“But Kris wants Khloe and Tristan to be in a good place so she’s encouraging Khloe to keep the lines of communication open.” 

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Yes, Kris has a history of being surprisingly forgiving toward her daughters’ exes, especially in cases where there are children involved.

Perhaps she understands the importance of a civil co-parenting relationship.

Or maybe she’s just sympathetic to the toll that the Kardashian spotlight can take on an outsider’s psyche.

Whatever the case, it seems that Kris is serving as a go-between for True’s parents these days.

“[Khloe] wanted the fairytale life with him and she’s so upset,” the source says of Khloe’s angst.

“People around her have never seen her so down and are so thankful she has her mother there who has barely left her side.”

As all of this goes on, fans are roasting Tristan for an old, resurfaced Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip in which the Sacramento Kings forward fantasizes about winning Khloe back following a previous cheating scandal.

“People are going to hate you regardless, but you know, I’m working on trying to get the old Khloe back, Okay?” Thompson says in the clip.

Well, people are certainly going to hate him, but there’s no denying that he’s earned it.

Hopefully, Khloe watches that clip every time she has second thoughts about kicking him to the curb.


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