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Kim Kardashian Comforts Khloe Kardashian After Tristan Thompson Admits Paternity: Sisters Forever!


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Tristan Thompson has cheated on Khloe Kardashian many, many times.

This time, however, he fathered a third kid with a side piece last year, and has now (finally) confessed to it.

Khloe has to be having a rough time, between the repeated humiliation and what this means for her and True’s future.

Kim is offering her sincere support in this difficult time while also carefully respecting Khloe’s hard-fought privacy.

Tristan Thompson has been waging a legal battle with Maralee Nichols.

She sued him for paternity in the summer of last year. For weeks, their conflict has been very public.

Now that Tristan has admitted to being the baby daddy after so much denial, Khloe needs a lot of support and comfort.

Kim Kardashian IG support for Khloe

Kim took to Instagram, sharing a photo from the Sing 2 event alongside Saint, Chicago, and True.

North appeared in another photo in the post.

As a caption, Kim used a simple “infinity” emoji, with Khloe replying with three of the same.

Kim Kardashian IG infinity emoji with Khloe reply

The infinity symbol represents perpetuity.

A simple and logical interpretation of this emoji exchange would be “sisters forever” or “family forever.”

In other words: though the men in their lives may disappoint and betray them, they will always have each other and their bond.

It’s true that Kim and Khloe have not always gotten along as well as they might.

That is in some cases the nature of siblings. Also, the nature of reality TV castmates.

As profitable and memorable as some of their conflicts have been, deep down, they love each other.

The Kardashian clan is obsessed with family bonds, citing them as a strength above all else.

The moment that there is any sign of trouble or conflict, the family circles the wagons at the cost of all external relationships.

Kylie’s years of close friendship with Jordyn Woods were effectively overturned the moment that Tristan kissed Jordyn.

Now, that same backlash is coming for Tristan.

At least, it might — if Khloe decides to finally, finally treat him as his behavior warrants.

Yes, he will always be True’s father, but that does not mean that Khloe has to like him, let alone take him back.

After spending so much of 2021 trying to prevent this moment from coming, Tristan came clean on Monday, January 3.

“Today, paternity test results reveal that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols,” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

He claimed: “I take full responsibility for my actions.”

tristan paternity

“Now that paternity has been established,” Tristan declared, “I look forward to amicably raising our son.”

He continued: “I sincerely apologize to everyone I’ve hurt or disappointed.”

This apology was directed at those hurt “throughout this ordeal, both publicly and privately.”

tristan apology

Tristan also addressed Khloe.

“Khloe, you don’t deserve this,” he correctly acknowledged.

Tristan elaborated: “You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I have caused you.”

“You don’t deserve the way I have treated you over the years,” Tristan continued.

He admitted: “My actions certainly have not lined up with the way I view you.”

“I have the utmost respect and love for you,” Tristan claimed, “Regardless of what you may think.”

Tristan concluded: “Again, I am so incredibly sorry.”

Of course, some apologies are difficult to buy when there is no change in behavior.

Tristan has been doing this to her for years. Perhaps, with support from Kim, Khloe can finally redefine their relationship to protect her heart.

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