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Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Hate Pete Davidson Clapback at Kanye West: He’s Defending Me!


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Everyone has their breaking point.

After weeks of intense and at times scary attacks from Kanye West, Pete Davidson reached his.

Pete clapped back at Kanye with a taunt, sending Ye into a slur-throwing spiral that got him banned from Instagram.

How does Kim Kardashian feel about Pete firing back? … It’s complicated.

As a general rule, it’s probably a good idea to not send taunting texts to a notoriously unstable famous man.

Pete appeared to be directly confronting Kanye, which could potentially make things messy for Kim.

That said … it’s a far cry from making a music video about burying the other man alive, which is what Kanye recently did.


An inside source opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how Kim is taking all of this.

“Kim didn’t want Pete to make things worse,” the insider confirmed.

“But,” the source revealed, “she was also glad that he stuck up for her.”

“It is nice that Kim has Pete on her side publicly and privately,” the insider commented.

The source added that Kim is “hoping” that Kanye will move on and find a new hobby that does not involve attacking her or Pete.

Unfortunately, he seems to be irrationally fixated upon their relationship.

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - Pete Davidson unmasked

“Kanye’s actions are causing a lot of stress for her,” the insider divulged.

“She wants him to stop,” the source expressed.

“And,” the insider continued, “not have the kids hear anything or be affected negatively by his antics.”

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Unfortunately, that ship has begun to sail.

North West is eight years old — more than old enough to be aware of the world.

According to the source, she sometimes “hears things from friends” and has even found her father’s posts on social media.

The insider opened up about where Pete stands right now, and none of it comes as a surprise.

The source confirmed that Pete, who once spoke as a fan of Kanye’s music, is “really over Kanye.”

“And,” the insider added, Pete “has had enough.”

“Pete is at a point where he is not backing down,” the source characterized.

“He needs Kanye to stop,” the insider added.

“And,” the source explained, Pete “thinks he has gone way too far.”

“Pete is super into Kim,” the insider emphasized.

“And,” the source went on, “this is how he is showing it.”

“He is not taking anything from Kanye anymore,” the insider stressed.

Meanwhile, Kim is in a bit of a pickle.

 “Kim agrees with Pete,” the source confirmed.

“And if Kanye doesn’t stop,” the insider added, “she knows she will be forced to take more drastic measures.”

There are a lot of real concerns that this war of words could spill off of pages and lead to something very real and awful happening.

“She just doesn’t want anything bad to happen,” the source expressed.

Meanwhile, the currently informal custody arrangement might become more formal if Ye follows up his alleged lies about where things stand with legal action.

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“Kanye has told his lawyer he wants a more formal custody agreement with Kim,” a separate inside source dished.

“The two currently have nothing in place,” the insider pointed out.

“But Kim has the kids,” the source shared, “and Kanye is allowed to see them whenever he wants, within reason.”

“Kanye feels he’s not been getting enough time with his children,” the insider cited.

“And if his lawyer can’t work something out with Kim,” the source warned, Kanye “will go to court.”

That could backfire upon Kanye in more ways than one, but the biggest concerns are over how any part of this could impact the four children.


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