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Kim Kardashian Fears Kanye West Will Scare Off Pete Davidson: He Didn’t Sign Up for This!


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Kanye West has been busy causing problems on purpose, and there seems to be no end in sight.

Last week, just as Kim Kardashian was granted single status by the court, he made another move.

In a lengthy and deeply weird music video, he depicted himself kidnapping Pete Davidson and burying him alive.

That’s scary. And, among other things, Kim is afraid that Ye’s menacing antics are going to scare away Pete.

An inside source spoke to HollywoodLife about Kim Kardashian’s not-so-unrealistic fears.

“As confident a woman as Kim is, she’s still human,” the insider began.

“And so,” the source explained, “she has her insecurities when it comes to relationships, just like everybody else.”

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - dragging of Pete

“Kim is really falling for Pete in so many ways,” the insider described.

“She sees what a good heart he has,” the source noted.

“He makes her laugh,” the insider praised, “he supports her.”

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - Pete Davidson unmasked

“Pete really is what Kim has been looking for in a man,” the source appraised.

“But she has her concerns,” the insider admitted.

The source shared that Kim is worried “that maybe all of this drama with Kanye will push him away or even scare him off.”

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - roses planted on Pete Davidson

“She has her apprehensions,” the insider reiterated.

“And,” the source added, Kim “isn’t completely confident that this relationship can make it for the long haul.”

While not every relationship has to have long-lasting potential, her worry is that Kanye’s antics will force the issue for her and Pete.

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“She absolutely understands if this is too much to take on,” the insider noted.

The source acknowledged that this is a lot “especially for someone who doesn’t have kids and who hasn’t been married.”

Though Pete and Kim are both famous, widely desired, and have famous exes, they’re in different places in life.

The insider commented: “At the end of the day, she knows what is meant to be will be.”

“But,” the source expressed, “she hopes Pete is willing and able to be by her side through it all.”

Among other relationship perks, this romance has been a source of comfort and unexpected stability.

“Kim is on a tight rope right now,” a second insider pointed out.

Kim has been “dealing with Kanye, being a mom, her own work, and her budding relationship with Pete.”

The source continued: “and all she is dealing with is getting her very anxious.”

“She loves Pete and all that he has brought to her life,” the insider shared.

“And,” the source went on, Kim “loves his carefree way about things.”

Kim has drown comfort and joy from all of this “and she doesn’t want to lose it.”

“She would just hate it if what Kanye has been doing or their distance and career obligations would ruin what they have,” the insider noted.

“She just has some extra concern,” the source detailed.

The insider explained “especially since she has been through many relationships that have not worked out.”

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“She is looking to Pete to break that trend,” the source announced.

“And,” the insider added, “she is willing to really fight for the relationship to stay strong.”

The source said that Kim is determined “regardless of any randomness that happens from outside interferences.”

Kanye West 'Eazy' video - Pete Davidson buried alive

Kanye apologists on social media have had a lot (too much) to say about Kanye’s mental illness.

In the process, they have blurred the lines between mental illness and honest, open malice.

Yes, Kanye is mentally ill and he is unmedicated.

But bipolar disorder doesn’t make someone a bad person, it just might make it harder to hide.

Meanwhile, it is notable that these same people accusing Kanye’s critics of ableism seem to be ignoring the effect of all of this upon Pete.

Pete also has mental illness, and is the target of an aggressive pattern of hostility from a very famous man. Where is the concern for his well being?


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