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Kim Kardashian Pauses For Sexy Photoshoot While Night Swimming With Pete Davidson!


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Periodically throughout his career, Kanye West has taken long hiatuses from social media.

Yeezy doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to take advice from strangers, but we’d like to suggest that this would be a good time for him to take one of those lengthy breaks from Instagram.

For starters, West has been acting like a fool lately — threatening Pete Davidson and generally airing his dirty laundry — and this seems like a good time for him to step away from the internet before he does any further damage to his reputation.

And as a bonus, doing so would spare him from being constantly reminded that Pete is boning Kim Kardashian on a regular basis.

Yes, the relationship between Kim and Pete seems to be a major source of angst and frustration for Kanye these days, but that’s his problem.

Despite Kanye’s efforts to win Kim back, it seems her affection for Pete is growing by the day.

And despite the harassment campaign the rapper has launched in recent weeks, it looks as though these two lovebirds won’t be backing down anytime soon.

These days, everything that Kim is viewed through the lens of Pete.

Even when the mother of four posts pics of herself — as she’s been doing for her entire career — fans assume that Davidson snapped the pics.

Case in point, when Kim posed during a recent night-swimming session, fans almost universally assumed that it was Pete behind the camera.

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Unlike previous pics, in which a tall shadow made it into the frame or Kim wore a baseball hat with the letter “P” on it, there was not real reason to assume that Davidson was the photographer here.

But hey, SNL was a rerun this week, and we guess Kim’s followers assume that whenever Pete’s not in front of the camera in New York, he’s behind it in LA.

In fairness to that theory, it seems pretty unlikely that Kim is night swimming with anyone else these days.

In fact, insiders say she and Pete are virtually inseparable these days, despite the long-distance nature of their relationship.

So yeah, even when Kim posts an old-fashioned thirst trap, Kanye still gets no relief, as the comments are all about Pete.

Fortunately, it looks like West might be on the verge of dialing down his insanity.

Ye issued an apology to Kim last week.

Although based on his terse comments, it seems like he still hates Davidson

Hopefully, someone in Kanye’s inner circle will get through to him soon and make him realize that he can quietly despise Pete all he wants.

What he can’t do is threaten the guy with bodily harm and then posts screenshots of his ex-wife’s texts when she begs him to stop.

“U are creating a dangerous and scary environment and someone will hurt Pete and this will all be your fault,” read the text from Kim that Kanye posted on Instagram last week.

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We’re not sure why he thought that would compel anyone to take his side in this situation.

We’re also not sure why he thinks he still has a shot in hell with Kim.

If anything, all he’s doing these days is confirming that she made the right decision by leaving his ass.


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