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Kim Kardashian Thanks Kanye While Accepting Award: He’s the Reason I’m Here!


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The official narrative these days is that Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson and has completely moved on from Kanye West.

But if that’s true, why is she still talking about her ex so much?

We’re not referring to the time that Kim roasted Kanye while hosting SNL.

The desire to roast Kanye is universal, and we’re sure it’s especially powerful after you’ve spent six years married to the guy.

So it makes sense that Kim still enjoys publicly taking Yeezy down a peg.

But why does she feel the need to balance that out by frequently boosting his ego?

It’s nice of her, and all, but if there’s anyone on the planet who doesn’t need another ego boost, it’s Kanye.

Anyway, Kim sang Kanye’s praises yet again at Tuesday night’s People’s Choice Awards.

The mother of four was on hand to receive the Fashion Icon Award.

After accepting her trophy from last year’s winner, Tracee Ellis Ross, Kim quickly turned to the topic of Kanye.

“To receive the award from the fashion icon herself. I am so honored. Thank you,” she began.

“To Kanye. For really introducing me to the fashion world,” Kim continued, to the surprise of many.

“I fell in love with fashion and I’m so inspired by so may people but again, this is like a dream that I get to wake up and wear these amazing clothes and try new things and take a risk. I’m so humbled.”

Insiders say the dedication didn’t come as a shock to those who know Kim best, as they know that Kanye continues to offer her fashion advice.

“Even though Kanye is not attending tonight, his presence will be felt on the carpet,” one source told People.

“It was Kanye who introduced Kim to Demna [Gvasalia, creative director of Balenciaga] and was instrumental in the newly formed relationship between her and Balenciaga.”

Yes, those in the know keep insisting that Kanye really knows his stuff when it comes to fashion.

This is hard to believe, of course, given the genuinely hideous clothing and sneakers that he designs.

Anyway, Kim’s speech adds a new wrinkle to our confusion over what exactly is going on with these two.

Last we checked, Kanye was talking about reconciling with Kim, a possibility that she reportedly has zero interest in.

In fact, insiders say Kim’s relationship with Pete is developing into something significant.

Obviously, she has to keep in contact with Kanye, as the exes have four kids together.

But consulting him on outfits and thanking him at award shows?

When you’re uncoupling from a guy who openly wants you back and who has a long history of erratic behavior, sending mixed messages might not be the way to go.

Then again, Kim knows Kanye better than just about anyone.

Maybe she has Kanye Whisperer powers that we don’t know about, and she knows that publicly stroking his ego is the best way to keep him calm.

Whatever the case, we’re secretly still hoping that Ye will lash out at Kim’s new dude.

We have nothing against the guy; we just think a Twitter war between Pete and Kanye would endlessly amusing.

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