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Kodak Black to Kim Kardashian: Forget About Pete AND Kanye! Date ME Instead!


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Kim Kardashian has a lot on her plate these days.

In addition to her relationship with Pete Davidson — which seems to be getting more serious by the day — Kim has to deal with being stalked by Kanye West.

Kim finalized her divorce from the rapper earlier this month, but unfortunately for everyone involved, West is not taking no for an answer.

These days, Kanye toggles between trying to win Kim back and threatening to kill Davidson.

Apparently, Ye is of the opinion that he and Kim would have already reconciled were it not for the presence of a new man in her life.

So he probably won’t be happy with the news that a new suitor has entered the chat, as the kids say.

We’ve known for years that rapper Kodak Black has a thing for Kim — in fact, he’s never tried to hide it.

Kodak and Kim

In 2018, Kodak reached out to Kim during one of Kanye’s infamous social media tantrums.

He pointed out that West was “on some stupid s—t” and offered to take Kim away from all the noise and nonsense.

She didn’t take him up on that offer, of course, but it seems that Black has decided to make his case again, now that Kanye is out of the picture.

The latest woo-pitching was inspired by this pic of Kim wrapped in caution tape at a Balenciaga fashion show.

Kodak dressed himself in a crime scene barrier-inspired outfit of his own (below) and posted a pic, along with a caption in which he laid it all on the line.

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“You Need A Real N—a Out Dat Pompanoya Bae , Ain’t Even Gone Play Real Gangsta @kimkardashian,” the rapper wrote.

We’re not sure if that was meant as an insult against Kanye or Pete, but clearly, Kodak is of the opinion that the men in Kim’s life are not up to snuff.

But whatever the case, it’s clear that Kodak wants to be the next one to make a film with Kim, if ya know what we’re saying.

Kanye has yet to respond to this news of a new rival, but we suppose that’s not surprising.

After all, the man is currently focused like a laser on his hatred of Pete.

At this point, it’s become like a full-time job.

As far as we can tell, Kanye wakes up, thinks about how much he hates Pete and gets to work writing song lyrics or social media posts about his mortal enemy.

In a way, West’s obsession with a 28-year-old Saturday Night Live star is surprising.

But in other ways, it makes perfect sense:

If Kanye were to stop and think about the real reasons that his marriage came to an end, he might realize that he was a terrible husband, and this realization might bruise his delicate ego.

It’s much easier to place all the blame on a man his wife didn’t meet until several months after she filed for divorce.

It’s probably not easy knowing that a wealthy psychopath has it in for you, but insiders say Pete is handling the situation as well as can be expected.

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Although it’s hard not to notice that Pete has been nowhere to be found on SNL these past couple of weeks.


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