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Kody Brown: Christine is a Liar and I’m Done Talking About Her!


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Just when you think that the issues between Kody and Christine Brown couldn’t get any worse, they go right ahead and get worse.

So, you know, maybe just stop thinking that and sit back and witness the train wreck.

This weekend, the final episode of the current season of Sister Wives airs — the third part of the tell-all — and from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like a fitting ending for this disaster of a season.

This time around, we’ve seen the Brown family in the worst place it’s ever been in, thanks, in large part, to Kody’s anxiety surrounding the pandemic.

He stopped spending time with Christine and Janelle because they were only following CDC guidelines, not his extra rules, and he continued to stay away from Meri, even though she did everything he wanted.

He refused to travel with Ysabel when she went to New Jersey to have a major surgery, and he tried to guilt her into absolving him for that.

He suggested that Janelle kick her children out of her house because they had the nerve to have jobs and go to school.

Things got so bad that Christine ended up kicking him out of her house altogether — she packed up all of his things and left them in boxes in her garage.

All of that was filmed in 2020, but the tell-all was done more recently, so there’s been a bit of a different perspective in those conversations, which has been interesting.

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For example, Christine has said during one of her portions of the interview that she and Kody are fully divorced now, so there’s clearly been some time that’s passed.

And in a new sneak peek from the upcoming episode, we have even more information on the split.

This clip begins with Christine speaking with the interviewer, Sukyana Krishnan, and she explained that “I had to be always positive and upbeat and ‘whatever you need’ and ‘absolutely,’ and it’s so funny, it’s like I didn’t mind, it’s what I did, and it was completely fine until it wasn’t.”

“All of a sudden I realized I couldn’t anymore.”

She said that it was actually her father that finally ended up asking her “At what point are you going to say no?”

The host inferred that she started standing up for herself, which Christine agreed with, and she also gathered that Kody didn’t like that change, which Christine also confirmed.

“I think he heard but he had no idea what to do,” Christine said, “because I had changed so much in a blink.”

“Everything changed, and then Kody withdrew, and I withdrew, and we just withdrew.”

She was then asked about the therapy that she and Kody went through in an attempt to save their marriage after that, and she said it was “awful.”

“It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you hold grudges way longer than I do, way longer,” she laughed sadly.

If you’ve been watching this show for a while, this makes perfect sense — in the early seasons, she was very agreeable and very easy-going, but in the last few years we’ve seen her be more strong-willed and more willing to stand up for what she wants.

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Like, could you imagine the Christine from the first season ever putting her foot down so firmly against the idea of the whole family living in one house?

Absolutely not.

It’s fun though, because in the second part of this little preview, we get to see Sukyana review what Christine said with Kody, and — surprise! — his version of events is a little different.

“We get to a point where it’s a great experience and it’s a struggle, and it’s a great experience and it’s a struggle,” he began, “and then we end up in Las Vegas after she’s told me she hates plural marriage while she’s, at the same time, pretty much telling the whole world how awesome it is.”

The host brought up Christine’s statement about Kody holding grudges, but he tried to shut that down immediately.

“I don’t carry grudges,” he interrupted. “If somebody says I hold a grudge, they’re full of it, they don’t know who I am. They don’t know me.”

Which is an incredibly ridiculous thing to say, considering that we’ve all been watching how he’s treated Meri for the past several years after the catfishing incident.

He was then asked about Christine’s claims that he stopped liking her as much when she started saying no to him, and he didn’t seem to care for that line of questioning either.

“We can sit and say the ‘he said, she said’ till the cows come home — she’s told you things that I fundamentally disagree with, and all I’m doing is defending myself.”

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The clip ends with him simply saying “I don’t want to talk about Christine anymore.”

And there you have it.

Kody has never been a fan favorite, and he’s become more of the villain of the show this season, so we have to imagine that this will only make him look worse.

To just lie so blatantly about not holding grudges, right after Christine was so honest and believable … it’s just not a good look.

We would say that hopefully Kody can look back at this season and see where he went wrong and what he could possibly do to save the rest of his relationships, but it doesn’t seem like introspection has ever been in his skill set.

So really at this point all we can do is congratulate Christine for getting out when she did.


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