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Kody Brown: I Don’t Love Christine! I Don’t Even Respect Her!


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Remember back on November 2?

Remember when Christine Brown announced she was leaving spiritual husband Kody and most observers reacted in shock?

Well, that was then.

Now, we’ve seen last Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives — during which Kody confessed to lying to Christine about something important — and we’ve also viewed a sneak peek at this upcoming Sunday’s new episode of Sister Wives and, well…

… let’s just say the footage makes it evident that this split was an inevitability.

The December 5 installment of this popular reality series focuses both on Christine and Kody’s relationship, along with how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted it for the worse.

Courtesy of a clip shared by Entertainment Tonight, we first hear from Robyn.

Kody’s only legal spouse, she explains to the camera why she’s been spending more time with Kody than any other sister wife.

“Since the pandemic has hit, Kody is in a really bad place mentally and emotionally because he’s having trouble getting wives to agree with him on what to do as far as COVID and how to handle it,” Robyn says on air.

“He’s having one issue after another with them and also, they’re not working with him on things, so he can’t go see him as much.

“Because I’m sticking to what it is that he wants to do as far as COVID, I’m seeing him the most.”

Based on earlier reports, Kody’s committment to Robyn actually played a major role in Christine choosing to walk away.

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In this sneak peek, meanwhile, Christine doesn’t even try to pretend as if things are okay between her and her husband.

“Kody and I have been struggling for a while.

“We’re not close. It was actually painful, emotionally to be there, to be honest.

“It’s hard to see him with everybody. It’s really hard to see him in functional marriages when we don’t have one. It sucks,” she flat-out says at one point.

As for Kody?

He’s even more candid about the state of this romance. Or non-romance, we should say.

“It’s terribly awkward. It’s just the place that Christine and I are in,” Kody tells the camera.

“This is not the experience of people who are soulmates or people who even love and respect each other in a deep way. This is an experience of distance.”

Jeez, man.

Could you be any more harsh?!?

This episode was filmed a very long time ago because another issue that comes up is how Kody chooses NOT to be there for his daugher’s back surgery, citing Covid concerns.

This procedure took place way back in the fall of 2020.

“I’m just having regret ’cause the whole damn situation is breaking my heart,” an emotional Kody confesses.

“The whole thing with Ysabel doing the surgery, and the whole thing with my family and this disparity in behavior during COVID, is really, really, really hard on our family.”

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Last month, Kody and Christine announced that they were splitting up after 25 years together.

Christine Brown divorce announcement

“After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave,” the mother of six said in a statement.

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family.

“At this time, we ask for your grace and kindness as we navigate through this stage within our family.”

The exes share son Paedon, 23, and daughters Aspyn, 26, Mykelti, 25, Gwendlyn, 20, Ysabel, 18, and Truely, 11

kody on christine

Kody, meanwhile, addressed Christine’s decision to leave in a statement of his own, writing:

“Christine’s decision to leave comes with a great deal of sadness.

“We enjoyed many years together and I have a large amount of respect and admiration for her.

“Although we are moving forward on different paths, we will always remain committed parents.”


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