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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker Trying Nonstop to Make a Baby!


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Sex has many functions, from bringing people close together to spicing things up on Valentine’s Day.

But, in some cases, sex can also be used to conceive a child.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are both already parents.

Reports say that they are hard at work (please forgive that egregious pun) trying to get pregnant.

An inside source spoke to Us Weekly this week to dish on the engaged couple’s babymaking goals.

“Right when they got serious, Kourt and Travis decided to put effort into getting pregnant,” the insider recalled.

That is usually a big decision … but apparently was easier for these two than most might assume.

“It was a no-brainer for both of them,” the source revealed.

The insider explained that this is “because they’ve set their hearts on a big family.”

“And,” the source added, Kourt and Travis had “agreed there was no point in delaying or waiting to be married first.”

Kourtney and Travis are already parents, but do not have any children together … yet.

According to the insider, Kourtney is “trying to get there the natural way,” simply by having unpretected sex with Travis.

However, the source admitted that she is “looking at IVF” as a realistic option.

People don’t always know right away when they conceive, and may wait weeks or longer to tell even their inner circle.

for that reason, the insider noted that, theoretically, Kourtney “could be pregnant already.”

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However, the source stressed that it’s “highly unlikely” that Kourtney or Travis will be making any announcement about a baby any time soon.

“Their close friends and family are all aware it’s in the works,” the insider assured.

“And,” the source continued, “that it’s just a matter of time before she confirms the news they’re expecting.”

The insider added: “Both of them are certain it’s the right path.”

“Kourtney just melts seeing how great Travis is with his own kids,” the source explained.

Landon is 18 while Alabama, who has bonded very closely with Kourtney, is 16.

“And,” the insider illuminated, “he has been a model gentleman with her and Scott [Disick’s children] too.”

“They just adore him,” the source characterized.

“It’s going to be a beautiful journey that ends with them blending their families as one,” the insider excitedly predicted.

“And,” the source announced, “they cannot wait.”

This is not the first time that we have heard that Kourtney and Travis are going it raw with a goal in mind.

Reports said much the same thing back in October of 2021, after the pair announced that they were engaged.

It sounds like the biggest question is whether all of this MILF-on-DILF boning is going to get the job done.

Kourtney is 42 years old. While that is not “old,” it does mean that she would have a geriatric pregnancy.

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At her age, her chances of conceiving naturally within a year of trying are less than 50%.

There are a number of factors that might make IVF a smart option for these two … but there’s no reason that they shouldn’t enjoy trying the old fashioned way for now!


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