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Larsa Pippen Claps Back at Body-Shaming, OnlyFans-Shaming Castmates


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For years, the world has known Larsa Pippen for her ties to Kim Kardashian.

But she is a once and future The Real Housewives of Miami star, returing to the show for the series revival.

The cast has been critical, even of things that should be off limits — like her body and her OnlyFans.

Larsa is hitting back, and calling out the “weasel” who needs to mind her own business.

Larsa’s castmates had plenty to say to her to her face.

Behind her back, things got even worse, which Larsa saw with the rest of us while watching the episodes air.

Adriana has been a particular thorn in her side, lashing out at Larsa’s appearance … and especially her butt, wondering it if was surgically augmented.

“I feel like everyone should be comfortable in their own skin,” Larsa says in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“I feel like I’m not a judgmental type of person,” she characterizes.

“I feel like I accept everyone for who they are,” Larsa adds.

“If you look better, I don’t care what you’re doing,” Larsa expresses.

“As long as you feel good about yourself,” she vows, “I will praise you.”

Speaking of some of her castmates, Larsa acknowledges: “Other women are not like that.”

“Because they don’t feel good about the way they look,” Larsa explains.

She continues: “They want to sit there and criticize how someone else — who looks way better than you, by the way.”

“I don’t know,” Larsa continues. “I feel like that’s not really my personality.”

“I’m more of a girls’ girl. I’ll never tell someone they don’t look good,” Larsa says.

In contrast, she adds, Adriana has “nothing else going on” and lashes out at Larsa as a result.

“You need to focus on all the right things that make you happy,” Larsa suggsts.

“Sometimes, people are not focused on things that will give them happiness,” Larsa reflects.

“Living a life with purpose will give you happiness,” she advises.

“[Adriana’s] like the weasel,” Larsa then announces. “She’s like the weasel.”

Larsa goes on to say that Adriana is “like the little brother that just annoys you the entire time you’re at home.”

“She’s definitely the weasel of the crew,” she emphasizes.

“When you have nothing else going on, you’re going to sit there and you’re going to criticize the person that’s across from you,” Larsa states.

Larsa’s OnlyFans account was another hot topic of discussion.

Because the adult media subscription platform is known for nudity and sexual content, some of her castmates assumed that Larsa was truly baring all.

“I had no clue that it was going to be such a hot topic with the girls,” Larsa confesses.

“I also feel like, basically, they live in a bubble in Miami,” Larsa explains.

“They don’t really know what’s going on with the rest of the world,” she opines.

She explains that she is up to date on social media and online trends in part due to her children.

“Sometimes, when you judge things, it’s because you’re not as knowledgeable about it,” Larsa describes.

“That’s kind of what happened on the show,” shares.

Larsa shared with her castmates that she averages about $10,000 on her OnlyFans, but does not charge subscribers to follow her.

Instead, Larsa charges a premium for special video content, for direct messages, and for accessible photos.

“You become friends with these people. I’m friends with the people, my friends on OnlyFans,” she says.

“I like them. I care about them. I check in on them,” Larsa says. “It’s really fun.”

“I do like the one-on-one and the exclusive content, things that I wouldn’t post on Instagram,” Larsa says.

However, she emphasizes that her most salacious content is more or less foot pics.

That is deeply sexual to a certain set of people, but not something considered inherently inappropriate by basically anyone else.

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