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Kourtney Kardashian Shades Scott Disick: I Moved On and So Can You, Buddy!


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We don’t know if the hints that Kourtney Kardashian is having Travis Barker’s baby will pan out.

What we do know is that these two are happily engaged and totally crazy about each other.

As Kourtney lays out plans for her wedding to Travis, she’s also throwing shade at her most infamous ex.

She’s having a wonderful life without Scott Disick, even if he is stewing in misery without her.

If you follow Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram religiously and missed this, no, you’re not losing your mind.

This was posted on her Poosh brand page, where she “liked” the post — and so did her momager, Kris Jenner.

“I’m having a wonderful life without you,” the image teaser reads.

Kourtney Kardashian IG Poosh post about moving on from ex

“Leave the past (relationships) in the past,” Kourtney advises in the caption of the photo.

“We tapped author + relationship expert @michelleafont,” the Poosh account explains.

Kourtney shares that this guest columnist will advise people on how “to share how to let go once and for all.”

“Moving on from a past relationship is really an exciting time in your life!” the Poosh piece reads.

“Why?” it asks. “Because you get another chance at love.”

The Poosh article explains: “You get a redo on dating and finding the love of your life.”

“You are now in control of your next relationship as a wiser woman,” the Poosh write-up details.

You’re now someone “who knows what you are looking for and what you will or will not accept in love.”

Poosh advises: “It’s time for you to love forward, not backward.”

“Your past relationships are only meant to guide you to future love,” the Poosh article encourages.

“Every day you spend focused on a past relationship,” the write-up warns, “is one more day you are unavailable to find your true lasting relationship.”

The Poosh advice continues: “Thank them (silently) and move along. Your future is waiting for you.”

Obviously, on the surface level, this is a totally innocuous post that has nothing to do with Kourtney’s real life.

Her Poosh brand is … well, it’s hard to say what it’s all about, exactly, but it’s targeted at adult women.

It’s a lifestyle brand, which means that it will recommend clothing and skincare but also life advice, and this is a great example of that.

But one doesn’t exactly need to dig beneath the surface to see how this is relevant to Kourtney’s life.

Kourtney has happily moved on with neighbor-turned-boyfriend-turned-fiance Travis Barker, a famous DILF to match her famous MILF status.

Meanwhile, the father of her children, Scott Disick, has shown himself to be bitter and at times self-destructive since they split.

We’ll put this another way: you don’t generally share something that hits this close to home without thinking about it.

Let’s say that you tweet out a well-researched, soundly argued article decrying “outdoor cats” and encouraging people to keep their pets safe.

You might do that regardless, but if you have a friend with an “outdoor cat,” you’re thinking of them the whole time that you post it.

Take that sense of awareness and magnify it considerably, and you get Kourtney.

She’s famous and she has been famous for most of her adult life.

Kourtney knows that, no matter her intentions, people will notice obvious connections between what she says and where things stand in her life.

Perhaps the advice about moving on is something that Scott should follow.

Unfortunately, his “self-care” routine after their split has primarily involved boning barely legal models who would be appropriate crushes for his eldest son to have.

Kourtney has moved on. Scott can do that one day, too. Maybe even with a real adult!

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