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Leah Messer Addresses Rumors That She’s Married to Jaylan Mobley and Pregnant With His Baby!


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Leah Messer has dealt with a lot of hardship in her life.

Whether it was a pair of messy divorces or being forced to join a fight club as a child, Leah has faced just about every sort of challenge you can think of.

That’s one reason why she’s emerged as an unexpected fan favorite in recent years.

Viewers who might have previously judged Leah for her struggles now realize how much she’s overcome — and they wish her nothing but the best.

So the news that Leah has found love in a new relationship has been greeted with overwhelming positivity and joy.

As she revealed last month, Leah is dating Jaylan Mobley, and while not much is known about their relationship, it’s clear that this is the real deal.

“Leah and Jaylan Mobley have been dating for a few months now,” a source close to the situation tells E! News.

“He recently met Leah’s girls and they get along great.”

The insider adds that Messer was not looking for love and had no intention of entering a new relationship when she met Jaylan.

“Leah is very happy and the relationship has been a great surprise,” the source says.

While Leah has delighted in introducing Jaylan to fans, she’s probably not thrilled with the rumors that have been spreading about the relationship.

Some fans are convinced that Leah and Jaylan are married.

Others believe that Leah is secretly pregnant with Jaylan’s baby.

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That one, Leah decided to address directly on Instagram:

“PSA I’m not pregnant just bloated!” the mother of three wrote.

She then offered up photographic proof of that claim by posting pics from a night of clubbing with her new boo.

Yeah, we have no of knowing for sure if Leah is actually drinking booze in these pics, but we’ll take her at her word that it was a wild night out.

More importantly, we have no reason to doubt her claim that she’s not pregnant.

She also addressed the rumors that she and Jaylan are married, and this response should leave little doubt that Leah is not planning another trip down the aisle anytime soon.

“Are you married to the new guy or is it a scam?” one Instagram follower asked.

“SCAM,” Leah replied — all caps, in case you doubted how serious she is about that question.

In other Ms. Messer news, it seems you can now shell out for a birthday or congratulations greeting from your favorite Teen Mom 2 OG.

Leah has joined the custom video app Cameo, and it seems she’s thrilled about this new means of connecting with her fans.

“I’m so excited to be joining the Cameo family and getting to connect with every single one of you,” she said in a recent introductory video.

“I really look forward to chatting more.”

Of course, these days, fans are wondering if Jaylan will be making any cameos of his own — on Teen Mom 2.

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Messer’s most recent boyfriends didn’t appear on camera, but insiders say this relationship is different.

And when it comes to marriage, sometimes the third time is the charm!


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