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Joy-Anna Duggar: Is She Covering a Baby Bump in These Photos?!?


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Joy-Anna Duggar had a chance to get away from her kids on a couple of recent occasions.

But here’s the thing.

Here’s the question many followers are now wondering:

Was she REALLY able to get away from ALL her kids? Or might one be permanently attached to Joy-Anna at the moment?

Which is to say:

Might Duggar be pregnant with her third child?

Rumors of yet another bun in the former reality star’s oven have been circulating for a little while now.

Earlier this month, for example, possibly astute observers studied this photo of Joy-Anna and determined that she must be hiding a baby bump because she’s sort of covering her stomach.

And now?

They’re doing the same thing.

On a pair of occasions last week, Joy-Anna enjoyed an outing with her husband, Austin.

In one snapshot from what looked to be a romantic adventure, the Counting On alum is wearing a flowing pink dress and, yes, she has her arm over her midsection.

Fast forward to this past weekend, meanwhile, and Joy-Anna and Austin attended the wedding of Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes.

Once again, the couple posted some photos of them all cudddled up at the event.

And, once again, Joy-Anna’s belly is not exactly on full display, as you can see above and below.

“I predict a baby announcement,” one social media user wrote in response to these images, adding: “Could she be trying to hide a baby bump?”

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Back in June, plenty of fans also wondered if Joy-Anna Duggar was pregnant with her third kid.

Ironically, in that case, it was because the ex-TLC personality had not posted anything to Instagram in a long time.

So it’s pretty clear Duggar can’t win these days.

And it’s also pretty clear that it’s very rude and insensitive to speculate on the status of a woman’s womb, although it’s admittedly hard to avoid this topic when it comes to the Duggar family.

Joy-Anna and Austin are already parents to a pair of adorable children, Gideon Martyn and Evelyn Mae.

They also said the following after Josh Duggar was arrested in April:

“The recent accusations brought against Josh sadden us to our core.

“We have not wanted to be hasty in making any statements while trying to process the news ourselves. We are especially heartbroken by the reality that there are children in the world being harmed and exploited.

“We ask for prayer for all those involved and it is our continued prayer that the truth comes to light.

Is this relevant to thhe Joy-Anna pregnancy rumors?


But you really can’t write about anyone in this family these days without mentioning the Josh scandal.

For hopefully obvious reasons.


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