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Leah Messer: Suspiciously Silent Amid Wedding, Pregnancy Rumors?


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What exactly is going on with Leah Messer these days?

In the past, when Teen Mom 2 fans asked that question, it usually meant that Leah was engaging in some questionable behavior or stuck in a downward spiral.

These days, however, Leah has managed to turn things around, and questions about her private life are hopeful rather than pessimistic.

The most recent reports about Leah have to do with her new boyfriend and the rumors that the two of them are moving very rapidly.

As you probably know, Leah is dating Jaylen Mobley, and sources close to the mother of three say she’s never been happier.

How rapidly?

Well, there are those who believe that Leah is pregnant by Jaylen, a development that allegedly occurred either just before or just after the couple got hitched in a secret ceremony.

Considering we just found out about this guy in September, the reports about how serious this relationship came as quite a shock to Leah’s social media followers.

But it’s important to bear in mind that so far, the rumors about Leah and Jaylen are just that — rumors.

Leah hasn’t addressed them at length, but she has mentioned them briefly in the comments section of her Instagram page.

“Are you married to the new guy or is it a scam?” a fan asked on one of Leah’s most recent posts.

“SCAM,” Messer responded, making it perfectly clear that she and Jaylen have not yet made a trip down the aisle.

“PSA I’m not pregnant just bloated!” Leah commented on a separate post.

You would think that would be enough to put the matter to rest.

But each new week brings new “evidence” that Leah and Jaylen are in the process of starting a family together.

The latest “proof” is pretty darn flimsy, but it’s still prompted fans to jump to some pretty bonkers conclusions.

Leah and Jaylen went out partying this week, and pics have been surfacing ever since.

It looks like it was a pretty normal night on the town, but because this is Leah and Jaylen we’re talking about, many commenters read way too much into it.

First, they assumed that the couple was celebrating their secret wedding by taking their bridesmaids and groomsmen out for a night of partying.

Obviously, that’s a pretty ridiculous rumor, which is probably why Leah didn’t feel the need to respond to it.

But that plan backfired, as commenters took her silence as an indication that the wedding rumors were true.

They reasoned that since Leah took the time to debunk the previous rumors, the fact that she didn’t speak out this time must mean that she really did get married in a super-secret ceremony.

Of course, the real reason that Leah hasn’t issued a statement is because she’s a grown woman, and she’s allowed to go out with friends without explaining her actions to the entire world.

The truth of the situation is far less exciting than the rumors:

As far as anyone can tell, Leah and Jaylen are very into each other — but at the moment, they’re taking things slowly.

“Leah and Jaylan Mobley have been dating for a few months now,” a source close to the situation tells E! News.

“He recently met Leah’s girls and they get along great. Leah is very happy and the relationship has been a great surprise.” 

We hope Leah and Jaylen are as happy as insiders claim, and we hope that they’ll continue to remain silent in the face of ridiculous rumors.

Clearly, some of Leah’s fans have been spoiled by the amount of access that she’s previously allowed them.

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