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Lisa Barlow Screams at Meredith Marks: You’re a Liar and a TERRIBLE Friend!!


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Last week, Lisa Barlow went on a wild rant about Meredith Marks, a rant that didn’t make that much sense at the time.

The next episode did not show her temper as having cooled.

This time, instead of swearing in a closet and accusing Meredith of being broke, she was yelling in her face.

A furious Lisa accused Meredith of lying. This time, she at least said what it’s all about.

This cast trip to Zion, Utah has not calmed down for even a moment.

On Sunday’s episode, after loudly complaining and crying to the others, Lisa Barlow got in Meredith Marks’ face.

Well, from across the bed that thankfully kept them apart.

“I did not f–king speculate on your father’s death and don’t you dare [say I did]!” Lisa demanded.

“You’re the f–king liar! You’re the f–king liar!” she screeched.

Lisa went on, insisting: “Do not do this to me! Do not do this to me!”

Beautiful Whitney Rose was caught in the middle of all of this, but she was hardly the cause of the issue.

There was some sort of miscommunication over the date of Meredith’s father’s memorial, an understandably touchy subject.

Heather heard one date, Lisa heard another, and it just happened to be very close to Jen Shah’s infamous arrest by the FBI.

As a result, some of the ladies decided amongst themselves that perhaps Meredith had been given foreknowledge of when Jen would be arrested, and was avoiding it.

Under more normal circumstances, one might just ask for clarification of Meredith’s itenerary to clear up the confusion.

However, Meredith quickly understood the insinuation and was deeply offended at what she perceived to be a cruel question.

Meredith had accused Lisa of helping to spread this hurtful rumor.

“Lisa, stop yelling at me,” Meredith asked, to no avail. In fact, it backfired.

“You just yelled at me like this yesterday,” Lisa retorted. “I’m not going to f–king stop.”

RHOSLC Cinco 03 - Lisa Barlow storms off

In very much the tone of a disappointed mother who wants one of her kids to admit who broke the lamp, Meredith turned to Whitney.

“Did [Lisa] speculate or not?” she asked.

Lisa very loudly and adamantly answered on Whitney’s behalf, insisting: “I did not speculate on your father’s death.”

RHOSLC Cinco 04 - Meredith Marks speaks

“[I said] everybody grieves in different ways,” Lisa continued.

However, she was very firm in that Meredith is “not going to get an apology” from her over any part of this.

“There is nothing wrong with what I said,” Lisa furiously declared, “and I’m not saying sorry.”

Lisa Barlow - 'cause I'm not a f--king whore and I don't cheat on my husband

To hear Lisa tell it (and we did, to the confessional camera), the only person whom Meredith should blame for this rumor is Meredith.

“I’m a f–king liar? Who’s lying about the dates of their dad’s memorial? Not me,” she argued.

“You told me one date and you told Heather another date,” Lisa said. “That has nothing to do with me. I’m not a f–king liar.”

RHOSLC Cinco 05 - the ladies get an apology

Meredith later laid out a tidier time frame when Heather and Whitney stopped by her home for some health and fitness time.

It’s not clear if her more detailed timeline of where she was and when will help clear things up, but it’s something.

Meanwhile, we did appreciate seeing Lisa take a sip of a Taco Bell cup just to spite Mary Cosby. That’s always a worthwhile endeavor.

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