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Luis Ruelas’ Shirtless “Bootcamp” Video Revealed: Why Is Teresa Giudice’s Fiance Begging His Ex to Take Him Back?


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When Real Housewives of New Jersey fans first met Luis Ruelas, they did so with a sort of anxious excitement.

The excitement stemmed from the feeling that Ruelas represented Teresa’s best chance at a new life following her imprisonment and her divorce from Joe Giudice.

But the anxiety was rooted in the fact that little was known about Luis, and Teresa isn’t always the greatest judge of character.

These days, Teresa and Luis are engaged, and questions about the businessman’s checkered past are more prevalent than ever.

On the RHONJ Season 12 premiere, there was a good deal of discussion about a strange video of Luis that resurfaced last summer.

For those of you who haven’t seen the clip, well — it’s every bit as strange as Teresa’s co-stars promised.

We see a shirtless Luis surrounded by a group of men, standing in the ocean, and pleading with an ex to take him back.

Luis on the Beach

“I’m coming home to see you, get engaged and bring our family together and finally get married and have a life together. I’ve been here for a week,” Ruelas tells the camera.

He then introduces the men around him as his “brothers” and identified one as his “coach, Kevin.”

“I love our children and I hope you receive this message well. Thank you, I love you. Thank you for your time,” Luis continues.

“I hope that this hits your heart. … And I hope to come home to have the opportunity to talk to you, and share with you my experience with my life.”

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At that point, a man off camera urges Rueleas to speak from the heart instead of his “f–king brain.”

“I love you. I’m sorry I made mistakes and held myself back and held my truth inside and worried about other people around me,” Ruelas says.

“I’m sorry I put you through pain. Thank you for being patient with me and seeing the man that you saw in me.”

Needless to say, it’s a pretty intense video.

We guess it’s good that Luis is capable of being so sincere, but the clip certainly raises some questions:

Like, what the hell did this guy do that was so bad, and why did he think the answer was to make an apology video surrounded by shirtless dudes?

We may never know for sure.

But we do know that this is not the first time that Teresa has found herself in the position of being forced to awkwardly defend Luis.

As recently as November of 2021, she was still responding to rumors that Luis is using her for fame.

“I know people make all these judgments and say all these things on social media regarding him. Like he wants to be on TV. He so does not want to be on TV. It’s so not his thing,” Giudice told Entertainment Tonight at the time.

“If anything, he’s supporting me, but it’s really not his thing. And the craziest things that they say, like, he planned to meet me that day. No, he didn’t even know who I was, and he’s never been at the Jersey Shore, that was his first time. And it’s crazy,” Teresa continued.

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At that point, Giudice became ultra-defensive, begging fans not to “destroy” her happiness, while at the same time vowing “that’s never going to happen.”

“I wish people would just leave us alone. Anybody that’s negative, just please leave us alone,” she said.

“Because first of all, they’re never going to destroy our happiness, just leave it at that. It’s never going to happen,” Teresa continued.

“And I’m a very strong, strong individual. If everyone doesn’t know that, I am. And if they knock me down, I’ll get right back up.”

Well, Teresa certainly has been through a lot — but the wish among her fans is that Luis will provide some respite instead of putting her to the test yet again.

In other words, we’re all hoping that he won’t do anything to necessitate any weird shirtless apology videos.


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