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Mackenzie McKee: I Was Assaulted by the Police! While Pregnant!


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Go ahead and say what you want about Mackenzie McKee when it comes to her marriage.

Lord knows that we’ve done so.

The Teen Mom OG star has seemingly exploited her up-and-down relationship more than we thought was humanly possible, to the point where she recently bragged about how often she cheated on her husband.

That’s one thing, though; one thing worthy of criticism.

Another different thing, however, is McKee’s admission in her new memoir that she was previously molested.

That’s simply something awful we’d never wish upon anyone.

And still another thing in this book, “Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes,” is the confession that Mackenzie plummeted to a nearly-deadly low during her third pregnancy.

Back when she was expecting son Broncs.

McKee, you see, had just learned that Teen Mom 3 had been canceled and she had started personal training sessions and was trying to line up another reality show to make money.

And then an accident occurred.

“I immediately started crying out of anger. I knew right then and there that my dreams were over,” she writes in the book.

“Being pregnant meant no more personal training sessions, no fitness business, and certainly no reality show, as the producers from that show told me from the get-go that I couldn’t be pregnant.”

McKee admits she took her feelings out on her husband almost immediately.

“I told him he was the worst person ever and had ruined my life.

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“I had built myself up for this life of fitness, and now I was just going to be pregnant with two children we were already struggling to feed, with no income or home of our own.”

Mackenzie now also admits she was way off base to blow up at Josh (“I seemed to forget that it takes two to tango…”), but that she was simply “devastated” by the pregnancy news.

“This is not what I wanted for my life, and now I was even more upset at Josh for ruining everything in my life,” McKee says.

“Every day was a battle with dark thoughts and emotions. Nothing in me wanted to be alive.

“One day, I texted Josh that I just didn’t want to live anymore.

“He told my parents, of course, and they were all afraid I was about to make a bad decision.”

Wow, huh?

Josh proceeded to call the police out of concern for his wife.

They handcuffed a screaming Mackenzie and took her to the hospital — which is where McKee, who has Diabetes, learned that her blood-sugar level had dropped to a dangerously low level.

“I knew it was a huge reason for my irrational behavior. I looked down at my almost eight-month pregnant belly and suddenly got scared for the baby,” McKee writes.

When Mackenzie yelled “someone give me insulin now or my baby will die,” she alleges officers “stood up and slammed me down on a bed nearby.

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“One had a hand over my mouth to shut me up, while two others handcuffed me on my back, making breathing nearly impossible.”

This took place in a hospital room, McKee claims.

“I closed my eyes and knew that this was going to be the end of my baby’s life.”

Eventually, Josh was let into her room.

He apologized, McKee explains, and said it was never his intention for Mackenize to get dragged away by the cops and manhandled the way in which she claimed to have been.

“Sure, I was thankful that Josh came to save the baby and me, but I still thought it was all his fault.

“I made him take me to my mom’s so I could confront her and take my children from her.”

Mackenzie, of course, was very tight with her mother, Angie, who died from cancer in December 2019.

However, she was irate in this instance because she says Angie told a therapist that her daughter needed serious help.

The reality star didn’t talk to her mom, dad or husband for the final week of this pregnancy.

“I walked in and stared her and my father in the eyes, saying nothing more than, ‘F**k you,’ before grabbing my kids and walking out,” she wrrites.

“I have never spoken to my mom like that. She was my best friend, and I felt betrayed.

“I couldn’t believe that my mom had tried to keep me in there longer by telling the hospital I was depressed and suicidal, not even knowing what was being done to the baby and me.”

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Straightening My Crown: Conquering My Royal Mistakes is available on Kindle and will be released in hardcover on October 19. 


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