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Vicki Gunvalson: Tamra Saved My Friggen’ Life! Literally!


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It turns out that Vicki Gunvalson did more at Dorinda Medley’s Blue Stone Manor than go on unhinged anti-vax rants.

The fallen OG of the OC filmed for Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip with other Housewives, including Tamra Judge.

Vicki suffered an incident in which she almost died during the filming.

It was only through Tamra quickly taking action that her life was saved.

Vicki and Tamra were already friends before filming season 2 of Ultimate Girls Trip.

But some things in life draw you closer together.

As if leaving RHOC together wasn’t enough, they now have Vicki’s brush with death to cement their bond.

Vicki spoke to Page Six to dish on what it was like filming the second season.

“We shared a room together, and she even saved my life,” she revealed.

Vicki quickly added: “I can’t repeat how she did, but she did.”

Now, life-saving can easily be blown out of proportion by someone whose job, as a reality star, is to escalate drama.

We all know that Vicki found out during filming that her ex-fiance Steve Lodge had split with her, was reportedly cheating, and moved out of her home.

Vicki clarified that this was not a drama emergency, but an “actual situation.”

“We laugh about it now, but I was, like, ‘You saved my life,’” Vicki explained.

“And,” she continued, “she goes, ‘You dumb cluck.’”

Okay, we can absolutely hear that exchange play in our minds.

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Vicki might not have spilled the beans, but someone did.

An inside source spoke to Page Six to share what happened.

Apparently, Vicki was “choking on something” and Tamra swooped in and “did the Heimlich” maneuver, unblocking her airway.

Vicki also shared that she enjoyed time spent with Tamra, not just the life-saving moment.

“I’m just so busy with work, and I travel a lot, and I go to Mexico every other week, and I’m in Chicago,” she noted.

“I’m really traveling a lot and it keeps me happy,” Vicki detailed.

“And so Tamra and I don’t get to see each other as much as we want,” Vicki lamented.

“We talk every day,” she emphasized.

“But,” Vicki lamented, “we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like.”

Vicki also touched on the understandably complicated topic of her having clashed with Dorinda over COVID-19 vaccines.

In September, the world heard how she had told people that people getting the vaccination would “die.”

Her stance was confirmed by her son, who had been in conflict with his mother on the topic.

“It’s different where I stand now,” Vicki revealed.

“But at that time, which was September of last year, quite a while ago, it’s a different stance than where I am now,” she added.

It was barely five months ago, but sure.

Vicki says that she thinks that COVID-19 vaccinations should be a “personal decision” and not mandated by the government.

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Of course, it’s hard to call it a “personal” decision when it impacts other people.

How quickly you drive is personal right up until you hit another car, at which point it’s not just about you. That’s why we have driving laws.

“I told [Dorinda] it’s political and she didn’t agree and if it’s not political then why is the government mandating it?” Vicki asked.

Something can be politicized without being inherently political, whether or not it involves the government.

“So, you can believe what you wanna believe, but the facts are the facts,” Vicki said vaguely. “So, she has her opinins and I respect it, I just didn’t think she respected my opinion.”

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