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Making Use of Tight Spaces Room Design


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If you prefer low-maintenance homes that could host up to 2-3 people, you might as well go for tight spaces room designs. Tight spaces rooms require a minimum amount of cleaning and fixing. However, the question is, how do we make things stylish without the need to compromise style when in fact, tight spaces seemed claustrophobic and unliveable. While it seemed conflicting to think of ideas about what you should put into a limited space, you could still procure a comfortable and sufficient type of setup, without looking cluttered and chaotic cramped into one place.

Space Saving Materials

Look for vacant spaces that can be converted into drawers, shelves, and cabinets. It could be under your bed, the gap underneath the stairs, corners of your room, and the upward spaces. Take advantage of any spots that you can convert into a storage.  Instead of using floor-to-ceiling cabinets, customize, build or install hanging cabinets and shelves.

There are tons of foldable tables or installing sliding tables and beds that can be kept when not needed. This will allow other materials that need a certain amount of space. Try Japanese-inspired sliding doors which are designed for space-saving purposes.

Avoid placing too many decorative materials that take up too much space. Try pieces that do not require touching the floor and take up too much space. As much as possible, use floating materials such as hanging lamps and hanging bookshelves in order to make things less cluttered and looking cramped.

Make Way 

The key is to clear the floor at all costs. Place a lesser amount of material. If you aspire for a living room to look spacious, given limited space, you could try positioning the Cleopatra chair right against the wall to create a clear passageway.

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Choose The Right Pattern

This is where you add life and art inside your room. Curtains that have intricately designed trade fabrics are a must-consider prospect. Choose trade fabrics and patterns that complement the theme of your room. If your couch has darker earth tones, choose lighter-toned fabrics of your throw pillows that could blend with the couch, or the other way around.


In terms of beddings, if you choose lighter trade fabrics bedsheets, recuperate the design of your pillowcase with bright and eclectic patterns and trade fabrics that go along with other pillowcases and make up with neutral colors. Subsequently, when it comes to trade fabrics, go for comfortable and relaxing types of trade fabrics to help you have a good sleep. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has all these varieties of trade fabrics enough for you to find the different fabrics to use in manufacturing carpets, backdrop trade fabrics, rugs, pillowcases, and other types of sheets.

The Right Size  

Find the right size of each piece of furniture you choose since you cannot deliberately squeeze bulky pieces inside your room. Bulky sizes would only take up space and seem out of place. The right size allows for other essential elements that beautify your room.

If your room looks cramped enough because of the cabinets, table, and bed, consider loft beds if you do not want a single-sized bed. Loft Beds gives you sufficient enough space for sleep while it provides space below for your study table and closet.

Consider round tables in dining rooms. Small homes are designed for 2-3 persons thus making round tables enough for small numbers of people appropriate.

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Install Strategic Shelves

When you have a tiny room, you would have to think of places you should store some of your things. Use the surface space to install shelves and create storage for your books, ornaments, towels, and such. You could even use the windowsill space for an alternative bedside table.

Go For Minimal

The best and most practical way for tight spaces is to go minimalist. Besides, minimalism avoids clutter, saves space, makes way, and is still stylish. If you are in for a couch plus table–less is more set up, minimal style is definitely for you!

The key is to have a liveable room enough for you to procure comforting space. All you have to do is to take advantage of those vacant spots in every corner of your room. You could always make something out of the small space through styling it strategically and through organizing things creatively.

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