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Top 12 ways to design kitchen countertops


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It’s important to express your style and personality in your kitchen without adding unnecessary clutter or taking up too much counter space. Many of us have large kitchens with ample kitchen countertops space. Other people work in smaller kitchens. You need accessories that will add style and purpose to your kitchen. I have ideas for you to style your counters in a timeless, thoughtful, and guaranteed way to make stunning vignettes. These ideas can be combined in many ways to create a unique style. The best thing is that most of these items probably already exist in your house.

1. Small appliances:

This tip will help save storage space if your quartz kitchen countertops have a smaller size. To make it easy to find your most-used items, like blenders, stand mixers, or coffee grinders quickly, place small appliances on the countertop. Then, to prevent your counters from looking messy, you can hide the cords behind each machine. Then, you can quickly make a smoothie from scratch without needing to open a cabinet.

2. Canisters:

Canisters make it easy to have your most frequently used ingredients at hand. For example, for baking, I keep my flour & sugar in canisters. It’s much easier than measuring the elements out of bags. Glass was my choice because I can easily see when it’s low. However, there are so many cute styles out there.

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3. Cookbooks:

Many people search online for recipes, but I still refer back to my favorite cookbooks when I need a good meal. A few of your most favorite cookbooks can be placed in a corner. They can be stacked together to create a display area for your favorite dishes. The collection option is an excellent method to bring personality and style into your kitchen. Cookbooks can add color and style to your kitchen.

4. Trays:

Small items can quickly feel like clutter on your kitchen countertops. But, having them all on a tray makes it feel more planned. To give warmth to my quartz countertops that look like granite, I use a wooden tray.

5. Cooking utensils:

Instead of digging through your drawers to find the cooking utensils that you need, make sure to place them in pretty containers such as a pitcher, crock, or another container. I prefer wooden spoons to be displayed in my white kitchen. But metal ones would look great if placed in a more contemporary setting.

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6. Candles:

I tend to spend most of my time in my kitchen. So, candles are always a good idea. Make sure to search for one that has kitchen-inspired scents.

7. Cutting boards:

I’ve been collecting wood cutting boards for years. I think they look beautiful stacked up against a backsplash in my kitchen. So, my kitchen has an all-white background, and wood tones add warmth. The wood grain is also a wonderful textural element.

8. Plants, flowers:

Fresh flowers or a potted plant is one way to give life and style to any kitchen. It’s subtle and natural, and it adds an extra dimension to your kitchen. So, enjoy growing herbs like mint, basil, and rosemary that I can put in my cooking.

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9. Pretty soaps:

It would help if you had dish soap and hand soap to clean your kitchen sink. There are many options for soaps that come in fancy bottles. So, you can choose to buy soaps that can be refillable.

10. Pretty towels:

Kitchens are filled with complex design elements like tiles, stone, and steel. Tea towels and curtains can be a great way of adding softness to space. So, in my opinion, pretty kitchen towels look a lot like throw pillows.

11. Coffee station:

My morning coffee routine is essential if you’re a coffee lover like me. To make your morning coffee smoother and more enjoyable, set up a mini coffee station. Although my coffee pot isn’t the most attractive, I’d prefer to keep it off the counter. So, it’s also how I manage motherhood and my business. So, I keep my stevia powders in a glass canister. It would be great to display some of the mugs you love.

12. Art in kitchen countertops:

It is a common misconception that artwork can be used to decorate our kitchen counters. However, it can be an effective way to bring personality to space. For example, I have a little milk + cream sign. So, it is leaned against my backsplash. You could also use framed artwork. Have fun! Change it up with the seasons!


A sticky wicket ensures you have enough space for both function and aesthetics in your countertops in Wisconsin. So, appliances you use every day will take up more space than decorative objects. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should skimp on fashionable items that brighten up your room. There are many different ways to achieve the right balance between functional and pretty. As mentioned above, some ways to make your kitchen a dreamier place with beautifully designed countertops.

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