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Matt Roloff Claps Back at Critics: I Was a GREAT Husband to Amy!


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As fans look forward to more seasons of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff offered  glimpse at life.

He had enjoyed a romantic trip with longtime girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

A commenter couldn’t help but see contrast between who Matt is as a partner now and who he was when he was Amy’s husband.

Matt is clapping back and essentially accusing the critic of being a fake fan.

60-year-old Matt Roloff used Instagram to share some little glimpses at his trip with Caryn Chandler.

The two have been enjoying their getaways to Arizona for years.

Matt shared some looks from the plane alongside a few selfies from the trip.

Matt Roloff IG a small slice of life these past few weeks

“These five photos a small slice of life these past few weeks,” Matt captioned the post.

Obviously, many people piled on the praise and well wishes into the comments, with others asking about specific locations.

In contrast, however, one commenter asked: “Why didn’t you do that with your wife?” 

Matt Roloff IG - I guess you didn't watch LPBW very much

Matt actually responded to that: “Lol. Ok. I guess you didn’t watch LPBW very much.”

He noted: “We went in 2007 on camera.”

“And,” Matt continued, “you’ll just have to wait and see what happens in 2022.”

Presumably, Matt is not suggesting that going on a trip to Arizona in 2007 is alone proof of being a good spouse.

Similarly, we have to suspect that he’s not claiming that he’s going on a date with Amy now.

Yes, Chris and Matt get along pretty well, but not in  a swingers kind of way.

It’s possible, but purely speculation, that Matt is teasing that the couples will go on a group vacation.

Although … that would be an amazing and awkward double-date to behold.

Group trips are something of a staple for many reality shows, and watching Matt and Amy debate their trip plans could be interesting.

As for the initial comment that sparked Matt to reply, it’s no mystery where that was coming from.

There are many people who feel that, in more ways than one, Matt was a less than ideal husband to Amy.

Contrary to what Matt may think, a lot of these critics would cite plenty of what they saw on screen.

Then, of course, came the things that went down off screen.

Amy herself accused Matt of cheating, tracing his relationship with Caryn — who was once only an employee — back to when they were still married.

One can be happy that both Roloffs have moved on and still remember how their marriage ended and who wronged whom in the process.

It will be interesting to see what Matt means by teasing what is coming in 2022.

Maybe he is just encouraging his fans and followers to continue to watch the family’s show.

Or possibly he has something specific in mind that might turn a few more critics into fans.

In the mean time, the Roloffs have plenty of drama going on off screen to fill their time.

From Matt’s weird comments about Jacob to Zach and Tori needing basic reminders for some reason, there’s plenty on their plates.

We all look forward to new seasons, though!

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