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Meghan McCain Trashes Joy Behar for Valentine’s Day Diss: You’re a Pathetic Creep!


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You know what they say about The View, right?

You can leave the daytime talk show behind, but this doesn’t mean that those who still make a living by talking about current events on that program will leave you alone.

Not very catchy or pithy.

But someone probably said it at least once.


It’s also a relevant saying at the moment because Meghan McCain — who departed The View back in July — is once again feuding with Joy Behar.

For the most asinine of reasons.

It all started after McCain wrote a seemingly innocuous post on February 14, tagging her husband and writing simply:

“Happy Valentines Day @bdomenech – I love you and am grateful every day for the life we have together.”

mccain vs. behar

In response to McCain’s message, a Twitter user asked:

“Does every thought and sentiment need to be on Twitter?”

And, in response to that remark, Behar wrote in a since-deleted tweet, Apparently.

What a random thing to get upset about, right? What an odd way to take a jab at a former co-worker/foe, don’t you think?

behar view

“Imagine spending your Valentines Day trolling your ex colleagues tweet about her husband,” fired back McCain on her social media page, alongside a screengrab of their Twitter exchange.

When Fox News host and weather anchor Janice Dean pointed out that Behar “can’t quit you”, McCain responded to her Tweet, referring to Behar’s actions as “pathetic” and adding:

“It creeps me out.”

In a since-deleted tweet off her own, McCain also wrote that walking away from The View “is like having ex’s who won’t stop drunk texting you.”

meghan tweets

McCain left the show last summer, partly because she returned from maternity leave shortly beforehand — only for Behar to admit on air that she did NOT miss her conservative co-anchor.

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In her memoir, McCain said she “felt like [she’d] been slapped” at the time, adding that she “burst into tears” and was “uncontroll[ably] sobbing” when they cut to commercial.

“Until that moment it hadn’t even occurred to me that Joy hadn’t missed me,” McCain wrote.

McCain vday

McCain alleges that when she asked for an apology from Behar over this snub, producers told her that no mea culpa was coming.

And this is when she knew what she had to go: quit.

“I took a look at my life outside of myself and I thought clearly — this s— isn’t worth this,” wrote McCain in the aforementioned book, adding elsewhere:

“She’s supposed to be my friend and it’s supposed to be a sisterhood. I’ll never forget. I went back to my office and I had a panic attack. I was crying. I was hyperventilating. I threw up.”

McCain, meanwhile, also chimed in this month after Whoopi Goldberg claimed that the Holocast wasn’t about race.

“I am not calling for Whoopi Goldberg to be fired, if only because I don’t believe there is any universe where she could possibly do anything that could get her fired — she is the crown jewel of The View and a pop culture icon,” said McCain amid this controversy.

“But I hope this can be used as a teachable moment to explain to millions of Americans why conflating the Holocaust as something that is specific and limited to ‘white people’ is insane, ahistorical and anti-Semitic.

“For as much as the left is fond of using Nazi comparisons and imagery, the truth of the Holocaust, who it targeted and why, deserves to be known and understood by all.”

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Goldberd got suspended for two weeks by ABC for her comment and returned to work on Monday.


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